After the senator’s wife found out about their affair, Barbara Walters’ career was brought to the brink of extinction… Find out more below…

After the senator’s wife found out about their affair, Barbara Walters’ career was brought to the brink of extinction… Find out more below…

The scandalous romance that Barbara Walters had with the late Senator Edward Brooke was one of her four marriages, all of which took place under the watchful eye of the public. Barbara Walters is known as one of the most successful television personalities of all time.

Barbara Walters will be remembered as an important figure in the annals of journalistic history. A fantastic career was launched by the celebrity, which led to the creation of the successful daytime talk program “The View.”

Walters is well-known not just for “The Today Show,” but also for her other programs and her personal life. She has wed four times, and one of her relationships came dangerously close to derailing her otherwise successful career.

These days, Barbara Walters may be seen spectating from the audience at “The View,” where she watches other prominent women, like herself, serve as hosts and discuss delicate issues. Despite this, throughout Walters’ most productive years on television, she did not put her personal relationships on the back burner.

The celebrity on “20/20” has been married a total of four times. The first presentation was made to Robert Henry Katz, who is a retired Navy Lieutenant and successful businessman. In June of 1955, the couple married the marriage, long before Walters’ career in television witnessed significant advancements.

She was 26 years old when she tied the knot with the ex-Navy man, but their marriage did not stand the test of time. After being married for just two years before filing for divorce, the couple’s union was declared null and void in 1968.

The legendary journalist did not get married again until 1963 when she wed the entertainment mogul Lee Guber. Prior to that, she had been married three times. In her younger years, Walters was able to get a role on “The Today Show” because the fact that she was married to a theater producer at the time.

The couple was married for 13 years during which time they made several attempts to have a family. Lee Guber began thinking about adoption after she and her husband had difficulty conceiving children. In 1968, they welcomed their daughter, Jacqueline Dena Guber, into the world as a baby. When asked about her mother, Jacqueline once offered the following:

“She used to say that some mothers have kids from their bellies, and others have it from the heart. ‘And you came from my heart.’” “She used to say that some mothers have babies from their tummies, and some have it from the heart.”

In the midst of her several marriages that ended in divorce, Barbara’s behavior could not have been more controversial. However, the celebrity began having an affair with Edward Brooke, who was a politician and senator. Walters wrote the following about Brooke in her book, entitled “Audition”:

“He was the most interesting and alluring individual I had ever come across.”

Brooke and Walters had a happy and fulfilling romantic relationship, and according to her, she never felt the need to take advantage of the fact that Walters was African American. In spite of Brooke’s interest in politics, she noted how he avoided discussing race-related topics or even bringing them up in conversation very much.

Walters cherished the fact that he could exert his will on everything. She had never seen it before, so it piqued her curiosity. Throughout their affair, the pair maintained their privacy, and Walters would often visit her daughter at her cousin’s house while her daughter was out on a date with Brooke.

The pair even took their breaks from work together in order to spend more time together. Despite the fact that Jacqueline had some resentment against Brooke, she saw that her daughter had a friendly connection with Brooke.

In spite of the fact that Walters was interested in the politicians, he noticed other guys. She divulged information on an affair she had been having with John Diebold. In contrast to Brooke, she claims that Diebold had qualities such as thoughtfulness and dependability.

Despite everything, she kept seeing Brooke, who was already married to someone else. However, as their relationship progressed, more and more people began to realize that there was something less professional between the two of them.

Brooke and the man who is now 92 years old both had a strong interest in politics, and as a result, they never ran out of things to talk about together. Because of this, their relationship progressed to the next level. After some time had passed, Walters developed a need for more, and she became resentful of the “sneaking about.”

Even though it was obvious that Walters did not want to act covertly any longer, it seemed that Brooke was also becoming tired of the affair that was being conducted in secret. She recalled how the two of them would go to parties together, and Brooke would brazenly offer to drive her home afterward.

The eyebrows of socialites were consistently raised as a result of this. In the end, his wife, who had also been suspicious during the whole affair, found out the truth about what had been going on.

In her book, Walters writes that Brooke’s wife was aware of his several indiscretions, but she had the impression that he was having an affair with her. She and Brooke eventually got to a point when he did something surprising, which shocked both of them.

Brooke went home to his wife and requested a divorce without giving any thought to how the situation may impact either of their careers. The choice he made infuriated his wife, and she confronted him angrily as a result.

Brooke’s wife engaged a private investigator to smoke out Walters, and as time went on, she got the tabloids involved as well. Before the revelation of her alleged romance became public, Walters had a heads-up that her career at NBC was in danger of being derailed.

She chose the cue for her, and although she informed Brooke that she was no longer interested in the relationship, he became anxious about the possibility that his career may be jeopardized as a result of the situation. As a direct consequence of this, the two people unintentionally came to the conclusion that they would never see one other again.

Walters went on with her love life after the breakup with Brooke, and she eventually found happiness with another remarkable guy, Alan Greenspan. However, the extraordinary relationship that Walters was involved in did not end there.

At the same time, she was romantically involved with Alan Greenberg, who was the head of Bear Stearns at the time. The housekeeper who worked for Walters had been confused between the two men, and she often received notes by inquiring about the differences in their tones. Barbara shared:

“When they handed me the message, the only question I could think to ask was, who spoke louder? Alan Greenberg… used a natural tone of voice while he was speaking. Alan Greenspan was fairly soft-spoken. He was very close to whispering. Because of this, I would be able to tell if it was Greenspan or Greenberg.

Although she did not marry either of the two Alans, her first two weddings were not the end of her existence as a married woman. When Jacqueline was eight years old, her parents, Walters and Lee, decided to end their marriage and proceed with the divorce proceedings. In 1981, she would wed television producer Merv Adelson, making this her third and last marriage.

At this point in her career, it was quite evident that Walters was on the verge of reaching a big peak. The year that she began working on “20/20,” she and Adelson decided to end their marriage and go their own ways.

They would eventually be married again in 1986, but despite their renewed love, it was not able to withstand the test of time as their previous marriage had. 1992 was the year that saw the couple conclude their second divorce. Walters did not hold Adelson responsible for the disastrous marriage they had.

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