When the woman checks the chicken coop, she discovers several unexpected babies within… See more pics below…

When the woman checks the chicken coop, she discovers several unexpected babies within… See more pics below…

The chicken coop was the first thing homesteader Sydney Horvath worried about last month as a severe rainstorm passed through the area where she lives. She was able to hear the chickens in their coop making strange sounds, so she quickly got her boots and rushed along with her husband to inspect the situation.

The fact that Horvath’s husband was the first one to enter the coop provided confirmation of her biggest fear, which was that there was an unauthorized person there.

“I was thinking it was maybe a snake or some baby chicks,” Horvath told The Dodo. “I was thinking it was maybe a snake.” “To my utter astonishment, there were six little kittens!”

Horvath and her husband were taken aback when they discovered a litter of kittens nestled inside one of the nesting boxes of their chicken coop. This was particularly surprising given that neither of them had ever seen a pregnant cat on their farm. The future inhabitants of the coop were frightened as well by the presence of the kittens.

Horvath said that the hens could be heard crowing at the people from outside the coop.

In order to get a closer look at the chicks, the couple lifted the cover of the nesting box, but the young birds made it quite obvious that they did not want anybody approaching them.

Horvath said that “the first time we opened the coop, the kittens were hissing and did not want to be messed with,” but that “Mama was taking good care of them.”

Horvath speculated that the kittens’ mother was nearby based on their full tummies and moist noses, so he prepared a tray of food and water for the mother cat while she was absent and waited for her to emerge.

“We left them alone and kept an eye on them to see if the mama would come back for them,” Horvath said. “We wanted to see if the mama would come back for them.” “After a few hours had passed, Mama returned to be with the kittens,” the sentence reads.

The mother cat continued to care for her kittens within the coop, and over the following several days, the kittens developed alongside Horvath’s chickens as they lived there together. Soon enough, the kittens had grown to the point where they could investigate their surroundings and, at last, engage in conversation with their fellow feline residents.

Horvath described them as being quite inquisitive as well as boisterous. “They started to come out of the coop and were following the three hens around outside in the yard.”

Horvath and her family had a lot of fun watching the newborn kittens develop in their backyard, but they quickly learned that Mama had other plans for the little furballs.

“The mama came back for them and moved them one by one outside of our backyard fence,” Horvath recalled. “It was pretty cool to watch.” “Over time, she relocated all of them to a new location, and they were no longer there.”

Since that time, Horvath has not discovered any other living creatures than chickens in her chicken coop. She misses the kitten family very much, but she is comforted by the knowledge that they are out in the world discovering new things with the same inquisitive spirit they’ve always had.

And Horvath, along with her hens, will be thrilled to see the cute little family once again if they ever decide to make their way back to the coop at some point in the future.

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