During the second week of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ a blind 17-year-old singer was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Simon Cowell…

During the second week of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ a blind 17-year-old singer was awarded the Golden Buzzer by Simon Cowell…

On Tuesday, America’s Got Talent returned for the second night of auditions for its 18th season. The program kept the astonishing exhibition of ability continuing with a whole crop of fresh jaw-dropping performances, which continued the show’s trend from the previous night.

The show’s regular cast members, including judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum, as well as presenter Terry Crews, returned to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium as another round of contestants took the stage to demonstrate their abilities.

Nevertheless, there were a handful that stood out more than the others, and it was one of them that convinced Simon to award the coveted Golden Buzzer to the contestant after just the first week.

From the beginning, it seemed like a really special episode. Putri Ariani, an Indonesian singer and composer who is just 17 years old, grabbed the stage and discussed how much simply participating on America’s Got Talent meant to her.

In her conversation with the American Idol cameras, she said that “my greatest challenge is that people look at me as a blind person, not as a musician.” “But when I’m singing, I really do feel like a superstar.”

During her introduction to the panel of judges, Putri shared her long-term goals with them. She said that she just graduated from high school and that she would want to attend Juilliard thereafter. She continued by saying, “My dream is to be the biggest diva in the world like Whitney Houston and win a Grammy award.”

Putri started her audition by sitting at a piano and belting out a song that she had composed herself. The judges and the audience were blown away by her performance. Because it was such an impressive demonstration of vocal skill, Simon stepped up onto the platform and asked her in a hushed voice if she would be prepared to sing another song.

Simon went on to add, “I just said to Putri that I like her voice so much, and I want her to sing a second song, if at all possible.”

Putri remarked, “This song is special for you, Simon,” as she sang another fantastic original composition that surprised the judges even more than the first tune and left the young singer in tears. “This song is special for you, Simon,” she concluded at the conclusion of her performance.

Simon looked around at the other members of the judging panel and remarked, “Well, I think we’re all feeling the same thing.” “You should know that you’re just 17, you create songs, and you have an incredible, one-of-a-kind voice. And by that I mean very, really well.”

Simon continued by saying, “I don’t know whether this is going to make a difference or not, however…” as he got up and smashed his palm against the Golden Buzzer, which showered Putri in shimmering confetti and guaranteed her a position in the live concerts. Putri was able to secure her spot in the live shows because of Simon’s action.

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