A star softball player, 17, was left paralyzed when her ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed her at a restaurant in Florida…

A star softball player, 17, was left paralyzed when her ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed her at a restaurant in Florida…

According to the reports of the police, a well-known high school softball star suffered several knife wounds that left her paraplegic after she was reportedly attacked by her ex-boyfriend.

According to a warrant for Spencer Ross Pearson’s arrest that was issued by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, he has been charged with three counts of attempted premeditated murder, one count of aggravated violence with a dangerous weapon causing lifelong handicap, and one case of aggravated battery with a weapon causing loss.

It is unknown if he filed a plea to the charges or hired a counsel to speak on his behalf at this time.

On Saturday, Pearson, 18, is accused of stabbing multiple people outside of a restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. According to the authorities, the incident took place.

According to the Florida Times-Union, family ones of two of the victims were able to identify them as Madison Schemitz and her mother, Jaclyn “Jacki” Roge. Both victims were found passed.

According to the warrant, Madison, 17, and Roge, 43, met up with pals over the weekend at Mr. Chubby’s Wings. While there, they saw Pearson sitting at a neighboring table and reported their observations to their friends.

After leaving the restaurant in an effort to avoid Pearson, Madison and her mother went to the parking lot, where they are said to have been assaulted.

A witness told the investigators that Pearson attacked the adolescent from behind, pinned her down, and then proceeded to stab her roughly 15 times. This information was provided to the authorities by the witness.

When the victim’s mother saw her daughter being reportedly stabbed in the head and leg, she sought to interfere. According to the warrant, the incident also resulted in the injury of a bystander who was successful in removing the weapon from Pearson’s grasp.

According to the warrant, Pearson then proceeded to try to commit himself by cutting his neck with a razor blade.

Tatiana Cruceta, Madison’s sister, stated in an interview with WTLV-TV that the stabbing has rendered the star athlete incapacitated, but the family is hopeful that with time, she will be able to return to the softball pitch and continue her career.

You should realize that Madison is a tough competitor. I have no doubt that she will emerge victorious from this ordeal, and I have no doubt that she will leave the medical facility in good health. Cruceta revealed this information to the magazine, saying that Madison had already been through a number of surgical procedures.

Cruceta continued by saying, “Madison is the kindest person you’ll ever meet, and she never, ever, ever stops smiling.” “So as soon as I answered the phone – everyone calls her ‘Sass,’ that’s her nickname – so I said, ‘How you doin, Sass, how you feelin?’” And she responds, “Oh, it’s just fine.” Therefore, she was making jokes while also making an effort to seem powerful.

Madison and the person of interest had a romantic involvement in the past. After they broke up in April 2023, he reportedly started following Madison and harassing her in the months that followed, according to the authorities.

“There were some issues in the past after they’d broken up, where he was threatening her safety,” Cruseda stated, according to the site. “There were some issues in the past after they’d broken up.” “My mother was looking to get a restraining order against him, so this was definitely premeditated,” she said. “This was definitely premeditated.”

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