Even though he still loves his ex-wife, Sylvester Stallone describes the end of his 25-year marriage as “irretrievably broken.” Find out more below…

Even though he still loves his ex-wife, Sylvester Stallone describes the end of his 25-year marriage as “irretrievably broken.” Find out more below…

It is par for the course for romances in Hollywood to fizzle out after a very little period of time. Fans have become used to the constant cycle of breakups and reconciliations that occurs in the entertainment industry. However, some couples, like Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin, continue to maintain their friendship despite going their separate ways.

1988 was the year when Flavin and Stallone first became romantically involved. Their relationship was never really good, and from 1988 to 1994 it was marked by periods of on-again, off-again status. After that, Stallone ended his relationship with Flavin by sending her a six-page letter that was delivered to her by a courier service.



After being apart for a whole year, they got back together for good in 1995. After that, in 1997, they were married, and their marriage lasted for 25 years. During that time, they welcomed three kids into the world. Most recently, however, they announced that they would be permanently separating.

Fans looked forward to the pair because they were able to make their marriage work much longer than the typical Hollywood romance despite the fact that there was a 23-year age difference between them. Even after announcing their intention to divorce one another, they continue to treat one another with respect.

In August of 2022, Flavin came to the conclusion that she and Stallone could no longer be married to one other, and she started the divorce process. The divorce petition was submitted by Flavin on August 19, but the news of the breakup was not made public until August 24. Since then, both halves of the relationship have issued remarks about the breakup.

The news was greeted with well wishes and expressions of affection from the couple’s supporters. However, Flavin channeled her efforts into determining what she wanted from the divorce and how she wanted to go beyond the breakup, including how she wanted to feel about herself moving ahead.

Following the disclosure by Flavin that she and her partner had separated peacefully, she said that she had a few requests following the filing of her divorce petition. In addition to her wanting to go back to her birth name of Jennifer Lee Flavin and abandon the surname Stallone, she had many demands about the couple’s property.



Flavin has said that she hopes that she and Stallone would get an “equitable distribution” of all of the assets that the couple has collected over the course of their 25-year marriage. Stallone communicated his emotions by stating the following:

“My family is very dear to me. These are private matters that are now being discussed calmly and in private.”

The marriage has been having issues for a number of years at this point.

The news of their divorce startled fans all around the globe; however, insiders close to the pair have disclosed that the decision to divorce occurred after the couple had been having problems in their marriage for a number of years. In the court records, Flavin elaborated on this point.

According to the court filings, Flavin had the belief that Stallone was frittering away their marital assets, which was having a negative impact on their financial situation. In the court records, which have garnered a lot of attention ever since they were made public, she also stated the reason why the couple decided to split.



The “irretrievable breakdown” of their marriage was given as the grounds for the divorce. According to one of our sources, Flavin had had these sentiments for quite some time; nevertheless, she did not act on them until quite recently. Before filing for divorce, she wanted to make sure that her children with Stallone were at an appropriate age.

Although just one problem was stated in the court filings, sources claim that this was not the only element that drove Flavin to file for divorce; rather, there were a number of circumstances that contributed to the breakup of the couple. A reliable source has stated:

“It wasn’t any one specific problem that drove her to seek a divorce in the first place. They had had many disagreements over the years, and she finally reached her breaking point.”

Flavin continued by saying that despite the fact that she and Stallone would no longer be dedicated to one another, they would continue to be committed to the girls they share and would go on from this split lovingly and respectfully.

Because there were no signs that their relationship was deteriorating, the announcement of the couple’s split came as a complete and utter surprise to everyone around the globe. They had been posting images of one another on Instagram for many months before they made the announcement that they were no longer together.

Fans assumed that they still had a healthy marriage since they seemed to be having a good time in the images that they released. On the other hand, there was a great deal more going on behind closed doors than what was apparent on their social media profiles.

Despite the fact that the couple opted to make their divorce public, they have decided to handle the situation discreetly and have urged the public to accept their decision. On the other hand, several sources have been forthcoming with information on how the couple has been doing ever since the announcement.

Sources claim that even though Flavin was the one to call it quits on the relationship, she acknowledges that getting a divorce is never simple and that she is merely doing the best she can to deal with the situation. In addition to the statement that Stallone made, he provided his own reasons for the split in the partnership.



The actor who played Rocky in the movie said that he and Flavin got into a fight over a dog. Because of his work schedule and the fact that the couple traveled quite a bit, Flavin did not believe it would be a good idea for him to obtain a rottweiler. However, he insisted on getting one anyhow.

It was speculated that this disagreement brought to light a variety of problems that the couple had been struggling with for some time. These rumors were spread before the pair admitted the truth about why they decided to end their relationship.

The report about the disagreement about the dog made its way into the rumor mill. Stallone, however, put an end to these suspicions by stating the following:

“We did not call it quits on the relationship because of such a little disagreement.”

After that, he went on to say that he and Flavin came to the conclusion that they should go their own ways since they had taken distinct turns in their life and were no longer heading in the same general direction. After then, he said that he would never stop loving her.

Both Flavin and Stallone chose to wait until their girls had reached a more mature age before finalizing their divorce. Their daughters are now in their 20s. Without their parents’ assistance, all three of the daughters have set off on their own individual journeys through life.

Sophia Rose, the couple’s oldest daughter, attended the University of Southern California where she pursued her education with the goal of one day owning her own beauty and fashion company. Her debut on television came when she was invited to serve as a judge on an episode of “Project Runway.” Additionally, she and her sister, Sistine, co-host a podcast together under the name “UNWAXED.”

In 2016, the couple’s middle child, Sistine Rose, became an IMG Model after signing a contract with the modeling agency. However, in addition to being a great model, she has also been on the big screen. She had the lead role in the film “47 Meters Down Uncaged,” and she brought her father with her to the premiere of the film.

Scarlet Rose, the youngest member of the family, is following in her elder sister’s footsteps by becoming a model and an actor. She had an appearance in the movie “Reach Me” in 2014. The youngest daughter of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin is a mystery in many other respects.

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