Tammy Slaton, star of the show “1000-Lb. Sisters,” has been posting selfies without filters and included a picture of her oxygen tube…

Tammy Slaton, star of the show “1000-Lb. Sisters,” has been posting selfies without filters and included a picture of her oxygen tube…

Tammy Slaton, who stars in the Netflix series 1000-Lb Sisters, is giving audiences an intimate look at her natural beauty.

On Saturday, the TLC singer, who is 36 years old, went on Instagram and uploaded what she called “6 beautiful photos of myself without filters.” Her oxygen tubing was also conspicuously missing from the scene. Since her birthday on July 27, 2021, this is the first time she has uploaded a picture of herself that does not include either an oxygen mask or a tracheal tube.

Tammy is seen wearing a denim jacket, a flowery top, and glasses in the photographs while taking selfies with her phone while holding the phone in her hand. Her supporters were ready to fill her comments section with encouraging remarks whenever she posted anything new. A supporter of yours said, “Your skin looks really wonderful! What do you put on it specifically? You have such a radiant glow, Tammy!

In another remark, the writer said, “Gosh, I like you much more without the filters! You continue to wow us with your stunning good looks! One of your adoring fans said, “Wow, you’ve really improved! Congratulations; your efforts have paid off!” You are absolutely radiant, starting from the inside out. Keep going gorgeous .


After sharing images of her tremendous weight reduction over three months ago, Tammy has finally posted about it. The TV personality also posted nine photographs of her new, smaller body on Instagram back in March, when she first started using the platform.

One person said, “I believe I speak for everyone when I say WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU,” while another user pointed out that Slaton no longer had the tracheal tube that she had been using to help her breathe. A third user remarked, “Omg Tammy you look fantastic! And I’m done with the trach! I have shed a tear or two throughout each and every episode of this season. You really pulled it off, gal! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!

“Gotta say, Tammy, a lot of us were mistaken about what we thought of you. Another one of your followers said, “Way to go, and keep it up!”

The most current season of the reality program tracked Slaton’s weight reduction quest, which culminated with Slaton reaching a significant weight loss target that made her eligible for weight loss surgery.

Slaton’s weight had gone down from 717 to 534 pounds, and she was so thrilled that she could not control her enthusiasm when she saw the scale.

During the episode that aired on February 7, Slaton said that “when I got on the scale and I saw the scale was at 534.7, I kind of stopped breathing for a second.” “I’m like 14 lbs. under my desired weight. That’s a significant decline from more than 700.”

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