Even after it was struck by a vehicle, a little child won’t let go of a wounded stray dog…

Even after it was struck by a vehicle, a little child won’t let go of a wounded stray dog…

Take a glance about you if you are unsure where you may show compassion and kindness to others. You will find plenty of opportunities. Everywhere you look, there are opportunities for you to demonstrate compassion, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

Our faith in humanity has been restored thanks to a young Syrian refugee by the name of Hüseyin el-Hasan, who helped a stray dog that was injured. Because they are Syrian, he and his family have personal experience with atrocities and are familiar with what it is like to be taken prisoner in the middle of a war. Hüseyin has, in point of fact, lived through more unfortunate events than anybody else in his life. Thank goodness, the family was able to find safety in the city of Kilis in Turkey, where they have been living since they were forced to flee their home. The young man’s compassion for others who are in need has really not diminished, despite the challenging upbringing he had.

When Hüseyin saw a dog that had been injured by a car close to his new residence, he immediately made haste to go and save the animal. After getting back to his house, he got his blanket out, wrapped the puppy up in it to protect it, and then he informed the adults that they needed to call for assistance.

Even though there was an issue with the heating in his own home, he didn’t think twice before giving the unfortunate dog the only blanket he had to him. While they waited for the rescuers to come, Hüseyin stood by the side of the dog the whole time.

After waiting for a while, the animal care crew finally came to bring the dog to a veterinarian in the immediate area. Sadly, it was well beyond the point of no return, and the dog passed away. This crushed the little boy’s heart, but it was because to him that the dog was allowed to experience some kindness in the last hours of her life.

His act of charity was definitely not forgotten by those who saw it. Huseyin was honored together with his family by the city’s Deputy Mayor, Cuma Zdemir, who paid a visit to Huseyin at his residence. Zdemir feels that the boy’s behavior, despite the fact that it may seem to other people to be unimportant, symbolizes humanity’s best traits.

In addition to receiving a brand new blanket and a number of other presents, Hseyin was given the message that his acts that day showed the absolute best of mankind and that we all need more of it in our own lives and in the communities in which we live.

Hüseyin’s upbringing was difficult, and he was often subjected to severe treatment; nonetheless, this did not cause him to lose his capacity for kindness or his readiness to love others, qualities that he has maintained throughout his life.

The people of Kilis as well as Hüseyin’s family are overjoyed by the accomplishments of this young hero. He exemplifies how we may all follow the standards of ideal behavior that are set by children.

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