After receiving the bulk of Tony Curtis’ $60 million wealth instead of his children, his younger wife moved to a ranch with a new man and changed her appearance…

After receiving the bulk of Tony Curtis’ $60 million wealth instead of his children, his younger wife moved to a ranch with a new man and changed her appearance…

Tony Curtis, an American actor whose career spanned over 60 years, was born Bernard “Bernie” Schwartz on June 3, 1925 in Manhattan, New York. He was known professionally as Tony Curtis. He came to prominence in the 1950s and early 1960s and contributed his remarkable acting abilities to more than one hundred films, appearing in them as a diverse range of roles. In addition, he had a number of roles on television.

The actor, who was nominated for 20 accolades and won 19, including a nod for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal in “The Defiant Ones,” breathed his last breath on September 29, 2010, in Henderson, Nevada. His performance in “The Defiant Ones” earned him the nomination. At the age of 85, he passed away after suffering a deadly heart attack.

Jill Vandenberg Curtis, the megastar’s sixth wife, paid homage to him not long after he passed away. She shed tears as she conveyed her thoughts and emotions in front of their home in Las Vegas, where they had lived together.

Jill, who married Tony in 1998 despite the fact that she was 45 years his younger, said that he went away gently, surrounded by those who loved and cared for him sincerely. In addition to this, she stated:

“Tony’s whole life, all he’s ever wanted to do is be a movie star. He wasn’t interested in becoming the performer with the largest emotional range. Since he was a little child, he had the dream of being a famous actor or actress.

Tony’s wife said that he had been admitted to the hospital numerous times in the weeks leading up to his passing for the treatment of his lung difficulties and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, both of which she thought were caused by his propensity for smoking.

She went on to explain that her devoted husband had just come home from the hospital but had passed away while sleeping there. Jill remembered how Tony had always assured her that he had a heart strong enough to withstand experiences that might easily cause a man’s death. On the other hand, she said that her husband’s heart was now ready to go in order to find the serenity that lasts forever.

The actor most known for his role in the television series “Spartacus” allegedly bequeathed his whole estimated net worth of sixty million dollars to only one person: his young wife, Jill. It wasn’t until a few months after her husband passed away that his widow broke her silence and revealed that she had inherited his million-dollar inheritance, while his children were said to have been disinherited in his will.

Jill, who became the lone inheritor of the legendary singer’s million-dollar home, said that he was unambiguous in his desires. Jill became the sole inheritor of the property when the star passed away. Jill was a younger lady when she married Tony, and they were married for a total of 16 years. She claims that her husband intended to make sure she had a successful life after he passed away.

Jill added that due of the significant age gap between them, their relationship was looked down upon when she began dating Tony. Even more surprising was the fact that she was much younger than Jamie Lee Curtis, the actor’s eldest daughter, who is a successful actress.

Jill said that Jamie Lee had been kind and helpful toward her after the death of her father, which was something that she really cherished, especially after going through such anguish and sorrow after the death of her father.

However, the young widow said that the choice made by her late husband to not include his five children (he had six children, but one of them died away) in his inheritance had resulted in a family dispute that had been building up steam over time.

Tony’s will indicates that he was aware of the fact that he had children, but he made the conscious and informed decision not to leave them any of his estate. He was aware of the consequences of this decision. Jill said that despite leaving his children out of his will, her husband left a significant amount of money for his seven grandchildren’s schooling.

Jill justified her late husband’s choice, stating that he may have believed that the greatest thing he could do for their children was to protect their children’s future by giving enough money for their educational experience. Jill’s spouse passed away before they had any children of their own.

She also said that she intended to move out of the country club mansion that she and Tony had once lived. She said that the place caused her to feel sentimental and that it had far too many painful memories of her late spouse.

Jill said, with teary eyes, that everything was lonely and lacking without her larger-than-life spouse, and that this was true not just for her but for everyone else as well.

Jill’s family, especially her late husband’s children, had an entirely different attitude of their father than Jill did, in contrast to what Jill believed about her late spouse. Tony, who had six children from his six different marriages and was accused of ignoring his own flesh and blood, was allegedly taken to court by his children and sued by them.

Jamie Lee, winner of an Academy Award, has said on several occasions that the late movie star did not act as a father figure to her. This is a fact that Tony readily recognized, stating that he was a poor parent.

The ranch that Tony had purchased for Jill was sold by Jill.
Jill and Tony established the “Shiloh Horse Rescue” in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the year 2003. Since it was founded, the charitable organization has been responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of horses, therefore preventing the majority of those animals from being slain.

It has been said that Tony and Jill were inseparable as a couple and enjoyed seeing the globe together; nevertheless, the horse rescue ranch project that they were working on in Nevada was very near and dear to both of their hearts.

Jill expressed her shock and horror, as expressed in an interview she gave in the year 2006, upon learning that tens of thousands of unwanted American horses were being murdered annually in Europe and Asia for human consumption. Something pulled at the couple’s heartstrings, making them feel compelled to assist the obedient creatures.

Jill expressed to her husband one of the many times that she wished they could do something to help the horses when they were on one of their nighttime car excursions. Tony, whose acting career was enriched with masterpieces such as “Some Like It Hot” and “The Sweet Smell of Success,” advised her to do it as soon as possible after being moved by the deep thoughts that his wife had shared with him.

Jill commented on her marriage to the Hollywood heartthrob Tony, their non-profit company, relocating to Deadwood following Tony’s death, and embracing a new way of life during an interview in January 2020.

She gushed about how amazing her marriage was, saying that it opened up so many doors for her and allowed her to meet so many interesting individuals. Jill, who has always loved horses and considers herself a “horse person,” traveled with her horse to Las Vegas after being motivated to help animals after seeing an episode of the “Oprah Winfrey Show.”

After Jill obtained her first rescue horse and began leasing acreage, Jill’s husband made the decision a few years later to acquire forty acres of land outside of Las Vegas. On this area, the pair established the basis for their rescue enterprise.

Jill left the property that she and her husband had purchased for their horse sanctuary and went to Deadwood, South Dakota, in March 2019, to begin a new life in the Black Hills. Her husband had passed away a few years before.

She said that her ultimate objective was to make the animal shelter accessible to the general public so that visitors may engage in meaningful interactions with the animals and learn how to treat them with care and compassion.

Jill hoped that the children would form a connection with the animals by doing things like combing the manes of the horses and feeding the goats and pigs. In addition, she dropped hints about organizing horse-drawn carriage excursions, pony rides, and wagon rides in the region. She intended to provide sleigh rides during the colder months of the year.

Jill said that after watching the HBO series “Deadwood” and thinking it was wonderful, she became interested in the possibility of relocating from Las Vegas to Deadwood. Later on in her life, she started a new chapter by traveling over the United States and raising money by selling horseshoes with decorations on them.

Later, she pondered where she should spend the summer and ended up in Deadwood after deciding to visit the town to look around. Jill made the decision to purchase a second home in the region after falling in love with the area’s history. A few years later, she went back to the area to participate in the Sturgis rally.

What was supposed to be a one-night trip turned into three months, and Jill and her new boyfriend finally purchased a property in the town because they fell in love with it. She said that she felt at home there, was able to meet new people, and had fun participating in a variety of activities.

Jill enjoyed attending city council meetings and engaging in other projects immensely, and her ponies were always there to keep her company. She acknowledged that her life in Vegas lived up to her expectations, despite the fact that her life in the Black Hills was quite different from the one she had in Vegas.

Jill, who was formerly renowned for her short blonde locks and elegant appearance, had a total transformation both in her appearance and in her life after moving to Deadwood, which she now refers to as her home and the location that made her feel full and happy.

Jill’s exquisite taste in clothing, one-of-a-kind sense of style, and endearing temperament made her the center of attention for the over 12 years that she was married to Tony. Her clothes, which turned heads everywhere she went, left an indelible impression on everyone, and her appearances on the red carpet are difficult to forget.

While Jill spends her days in her favorite town taking care of her horses and participating in a wide variety of activities, she proudly wears short hair, casual t-shirts, jeans, and even dungarees. She does all of this while wearing a confident attitude.

Life After Marriage for Jill and Her New Husband
Jill became known as Jill Curtis-Weber when she was married to Todd Weber, which took place three years after Tony’s passing. The couple made the decision to start a new life that was less complicated, so they relocated to Deadwood, which is a lovely and historic old western town. Jill was already head over heels in love with the neighborhood, and she had every reason to believe that her husband would feel the same way.

As the course of events would have it, Jill’s new spouse had many of the same characteristics as her late husband. She said that they had the same sense of humor and were very funny, clever, and kind-hearted individuals. Jill had the impression that if they had ever crossed paths, Todd would have had a favorable impression of Tony.

Jill described Todd as a supportive life partner who never felt the need to live up to her ex-husband and loved her for who she was in spite of who he had been before. She said that she had a wonderful life with Todd since they were both enthusiastic about their careers and had many of the same interests. Jill continued by saying, “I believe it is fair to say that throughout my life, I have been blessed with love.”

In addition to their work at their horse rescue, which is now known as the “Shiloh Horse Rescue on the Prairie/The Lucky Horse Co.” and is located on a site in Deadwood that is 28 acres in size, the Webers also manage a horse-drawn stagecoach business on Main Street.

Jill chose to live a quiet and uncomplicated life in the countryside when she became 52 years old in February 2023 and after she inherited the majority of her late husband’s million-dollar inheritance. Currently, she enjoys a carefree existence out in the wilderness with her new husband, Todd.

Jill would rather live a life far apart from the scrutiny of others, such as operating a tractor out in the fields and caring for animals at a rescue, rather than maintaining a flashy lifestyle. The Webers are known to frequent the pubs in their community, where they occasionally serve as bartenders and encourage patrons to engage in conversation with them while they have a drink or two.

The fact that Jill has altered her appearance and begun a new life with the man she loves is evidence that home is not always a wealthy and pleasant location, but rather a state of mind in which one’s heart and soul are at peace and can only experience love.

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