Kendra Wilkinson has nothing but praise for her ex-husband Hank Baskett, calling him the “Greatest Father Ever.”

Kendra Wilkinson has nothing but praise for her ex-husband Hank Baskett, calling him the “Greatest Father Ever.”

Hank Baskett has Kendra Wilkinson’s undying devotion even though they are no longer married.

The former NFL wide receiver and the Kendra Sells Hollywood actress have two children together, a girl named Alijah Mary who is nine years old and a boy named Hank Jr. who is thirteen.

“I’ll eternally adore my ex-husband. In an interview with Us Weekly that was published on Monday, Wilkinson, who is 37 years old, said, “He is the greatest father to my kids and that is all I really just ask for.”

“That in and of itself is wonderful. She went on to say that it was satisfactory. “If things happen farther down the road, then they will inevitably happen. I have loved him in the past, and I will continue to love him forever. Love doesn’t simply vanish into thin air.”

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The woman who used to model for Playboy continued by saying, “We only have a limited time on Earth, and once you love someone, you will always love them, you know? My children are always smiling, and I never have to worry about their well-being.

“These days, my kid is able to dunk the basketball. Wilkinson shared the news that his daughter is playing Matilda in the production. There is a lot of good, and things are only starting to become better in life.

The alum of “Girl Next Door” said, “I was struggling for years and it was bad.” “Life is finally starting to get good again, and I hope that I can continue this and keep pushing.” “I was in a very bad, dark cave for a very long time, so life is finally starting to get good again.”

In the month of December, Wilkinson took a moment to post an intimate snapshot with her two children while they were on vacation in Maui, Hawaii.

She captioned the photos on Instagram with the phrase “Happy Holidays,” which showed the reality star smiling while surrounded by palm trees with her kids having fun while playing in the water.

The divorce between Wilkinson and Baskett was completed in February 2019, at which time both parties reached an agreement to share joint legal and physical custody of their two children. The pair had been married for nine years before they divorced.

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