Fans are in favor of Casey King getting his fat removed… See the result below…

Fans are in favor of Casey King getting his fat removed… See the result below…

Casey King, who seems to have been abandoned by Dr. Now of My 600-Pound Life, is now seeking support for his skin removal procedure from other sources. TvShowsAce was contacted by GoFundMe in order to bring our notice to a campaign that is being run for the former star of My 600-Pound Life and Family By The Ton.

The latest update on Casey King’s weight reduction journey and where he is today is incredible, as we reported last month when we covered the story. It has been stated that the TLC celebrity had shed over 600 pounds. The significant quantity of superfluous skin that is left behind after dropping so much weight is the most significant drawback of the process.

The documentary Now, My 600-Pound Life creates an image of Dr. Now providing those who are severely obese the option to drop weight and then subsequently return for skin removal at no cost. Reportedly, the program provides its cast members with a talent fee and pays for their travel expenses to Texas so that they may get medical treatment from Dr. Now.

However, it seems as if Dr. Now from My 600-Pound Life has abandoned Casey King and is forcing him to handle the substantial medical expenditures that are associated with skin removal on his own. This is the case because of the information presented in the previous sentence. We are fortunate that a representative of GoFundMe has informed us that Casey King’s campaign to finance the expense of skin removal is experiencing a tremendous amount of success. Will he be able to save enough money to pay for the necessary procedure?

Fans of My 600-lb. Lifes gather in support of Casey King’s decision to get skin removal surgery.
A campaign to raise money for Casey King’s medical expenses was started on GoFundMe only twenty-four hours ago. The campaign’s message said, “Help Casey Fund His Skin Removal Surgery,” and it requested for a donation of $15,000. In addition, the campaign served to very briefly refresh everyone’s memory of who Casey King was.

Casey King, who was highlighted on the show My 600-Pound Life, has now dropped more than 595 pounds, but he is ready to go on to the next phase, which is to have all of his superfluous skin removed with the aid of a skin removal procedure.

Unfortunately, it seems from this campaign that Dr. Now and the production team are not supporting Casey King in any way as he continues his battle to lose weight. Therefore, it was up to him to come up with a way to pay for the removal of his skin on his own. The advertisement says that the cost of having skin removed surgically is $15,000, which is quite a substantial sum.

Fans of the show My 600-Pound Life might be rather vulgar and unpleasant at times, but one thing they always like is seeing a cast member who is driven. Similarly, viewers have admitted that they are interested in seeing joyful tales in which cast members successfully lose weight. Therefore, fans of the show My 600-Pound Life were more than pleased to rally behind Casey and give money to assist him in collecting the monies he needs.

Casey King has collected more than enough money to cover the cost of the treatment in only twenty-four hours, surpassing the minimum amount required to do so. At the moment, his campaign discloses that 751 individuals have contributed $16,085 to assist Casey King.

Casey King shared his thoughts in response to the positive reception the GoFundMe campaign received on Facebook. He freely acknowledges that he is at a loss for words due to the generosity of a group of people he does not know. He goes on to say that he is really grateful for all of the assistance he is receiving with the process of removing his skin.

The following is an excerpt from a letter sent by Casey: “I don’t even know how to put into word what they’re doing for me.”

Simply clicking on this link will allow you to see the precise amount of money that has been raised via Casey King’s GoFundMe campaign. Keep checking back with TvShowsAce for the most recent information about My 600-Lb. Life.

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