When she passes away, Priscilla Presley wants to be buried next to Lisa Marie Presley and Elvis Presley… Here is why…

When she passes away, Priscilla Presley wants to be buried next to Lisa Marie Presley and Elvis Presley… Here is why…

Elvis Presley is often referred to as “The King” due to his extraordinary standing in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll history. He is considered to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In the beginning, his lively performances on stage and his skillful use of provocative dance led to controversy, but in the end, they contributed to long-term success and a musical legacy that will endure.

Priscilla Presley was only Elvis’ wife for a short period of time, from 1967 to 1973. Priscilla Presley had a significant impact on Elvis Presley’s life as well as his music, despite the fact that the couple was only married for a brief period of time. Priscilla Presley was just 14 years old when Elvis met her during his time spent in the army. As a result of their passionate relationship, Priscilla finally relocated from Germany to Graceland, where she could be with Elvis. Following a number of trips, Priscilla’s parents consented to her moving to Tennessee with Elvis in 1963. The couple was married the following year, in 1967. Their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was born a little more than a year and a half after the couple tied the knot.

After Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, Lisa Marie, along with her grandpa Vernon Presley and great-grandmother Minnie Mae Presley, was included as a beneficiary in the will that her father had prepared before his passing. Sadly, Vernon died away in 1979, and Minnie followed suit the following year. As a result, Lisa Marie became the only beneficiary of Elvis’s trust when he passed away. Her inheritance from her father’s fortune, which at the time was worth $100 million, was given to her in 1993.

Between the years 1984 and 2006, Priscilla was in a relationship with Marco Antonio Garcia, a Brazilian scriptwriter turned computer programmer. They were blessed with a child in March of 1987, and his name was Navarone Garibaldi.

Priscilla Presley carried on after the death of her much-loved and internationally renowned husband, achieving enormous success as a businesswoman and an actress while gracefully continuing to use the Presley name. Her offspring have grown up to be accomplished adults who have carved out lucrative professions for themselves in the entertainment world. On January 12, 2023, at the age of 54, Lisa Marie sadly lost her battle with cancer and died away.

Graceland, the Memphis mansion that Elvis Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie, received, was given to her by her late father. Since Lisa Marie’s death, there has been much contention over the inheritor of Graceland, which has led to a legal dispute between Priscilla and the sole surviving successor named in Lisa Marie’s will, Riley Keough, who is also the oldest of Lisa Marie’s children. Riley Keough is an actor.

Entertainment Tonight was able to get court records that prove Priscilla’s contention of Lisa Marie’s will. These documents reveal that the will includes a modification that was made in 2016, which removed Priscilla from her role as co-trustee and placed Keough and Lisa Marie’s late son Benjamin Keough, instead. Priscilla contended that the modification from 2016 was “purported,” and she submitted a petition in January 2023 in which she questioned the “authenticity and validity” of the document.

According to BBC, Priscilla questioned the veracity of the will in the petition and said that the modification or updated form of the will was never sent to her prior to Lisa Marie’s dying, despite the fact that this was a requirement of the will. In addition, Priscilla claimed that the will was never amended. In addition, Priscilla claimed that her name was incorrectly misspelled, and Lisa Marie’s autographs looked to have been inconsistent with the signatures she often uses; she also sought legal action as a result of these allegations.

Entertainment Tonight characterized the circumstances surrounding Keough and Priscilla at the time as being quite “tense and heartbreaking.”

“Priscilla is unwavering in her belief that she is right and that she will emerge victorious from the legal proceedings. According to the site, “Riley and Priscilla are not communicating with one another at this time; however, they have been in communication through their attorneys.”

While both sides were “gearing up for court,” Keough made it clear that she would have wanted to resolve the dispute informally instead of going to court.

On the 18th of May, 2023, Priscilla and Keough reached a consensus over the issue, and the case was subsequently resolved outside of court.

Priscilla will reportedly get a “impressive settlement” to discontinue her legal pursuit and put an end to the dispute that has been going on between her and her granddaughter, as reported by TMZ. However, she was not granted one of her requests, and that was her want to be buried in Graceland next to Elvis, who she has referred to on several occasions as “the love of my life.”

“Despite the fact that I have no current plans to relocate anytime soon. When the time comes, my family and I hope that I will be able to be put to rest beside my daughter and the person who has been the love of my life. “We are so grateful for the support from each and every one of our fans,” Priscilla said to the publication.

It’s possible that the location of the graves of those who have already been laid to rest at Graceland had a role in the decision to turn down her request for a burial plot there. Since Elvis’s burial is flanked by the graves of his father, Vernon Presley, to his left, and his mother, Gladys Presley, to his right, Priscilla Presley’s desire would have required the relocation of one of the graves in order to fulfill it.

Regarding the settlement, Priscilla said in a statement that both parties had reached an agreement and were prepared to leave the situation in the past. Priscilla was speaking to PEOPLE at the time.

“After the unfortunate death of my daughter Lisa Marie, my family and I have cleared up any doubt that may have been related to our request for document interpretation and our appeal to the court. “I want to make it perfectly clear that there was never any lawsuit filed against my cherished granddaughter, despite the fact that some media outlets misidentified such a plea as a lawsuit,” the grandmother added.

In the meanwhile, Riley’s attorney, Justin Gold, said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that his client is “extremely delighted. She is a fantastic individual, and there is a lot of hope for her future.”

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