Video: “The Voice” winner Gina Miles and coach Niall Horan discuss her “Crazy” victory performance…

Video: “The Voice” winner Gina Miles and coach Niall Horan discuss her “Crazy” victory performance…

Niall Horan managed to snag a victory away from his on-screen father Blake Shelton on the very first season of The Voice.

Gina Miles, a member of Team Niall who competed in the finale of season 23 on Tuesday, emerged victorious over Grace West, a member of Team Blake. According to the show’s host, Carson Daly, this triumph was recorded as having the smallest margin of victory in the entirety of The Voice’s history.

In his final season on the NBC singing competition, Blake was hoping to break the record for most victories with a record-extending 10th win, but the student ended up outperforming the master.

“He told me, ‘I taught you everything you know,’” the narrator added. Backstage following the show’s conclusion, Niall was heard laughing with ET’s Cassie DiLaura as they recalled Blake’s reaction. “There’s no humor about that at all. It was a really special night for him, but it was also very satisfying to see that man shown the door.

Gina was the most emotional person in the room when the news was announced, despite the fact that the victory occurred in the midst of star-studded performances and tributes to Blake’s 23 seasons on the show.

The shy young singer, who is only 19 years old, told ET backstage after her stunning triumph that it “was crazy” and that she “just did not expect that.” “I just want to express how thankful I am to be here.”

Gina, who was still enjoying the present immensely, was frank when it came to discussing what lies ahead for her. She said, “I haven’t slept in like, days, so I’m probably going to sleep and eat and call my dad,” and she was right.

And Niall was quick to heap praise on his rising star, promising to assist her in developing her career and ensuring that this moment is preserved for as long as possible.

He remarked on her time on the show, “I can’t think of a bad performance she’s put in,” and I quote: “I can’t think of a bad performance she’s put in.” “Life can be difficult out there. None of us are having an easy time of it. But I’m going to do my best to see that Gina is cared for, put her in the appropriate rooms, and encourage her to write from the bottom of her heart, and then I’ll see what happens.

ET talked with Niall, who will officially be returning for his second season of The Voice in the autumn, before to Monday’s finale performance show, where he gushed over Gina’s skill, calling his shot, and stating that the exceptional young singer deserved to win. ET: “Gina deserves to win.”

“She deserves to win it like the girl is so gifted she’s 19 years old I think we’re forgetting that too and she sings such as that it’s just insane to have such a big regulated tone at that age is just nuts um and I requested the people of america when you’re voting think about the future beyond this show um I think she’s got a very very bright future this girl um fingers crossed for her. ”

Niall also shared his thoughts on how quickly he became friends with longstanding cast member Blake Shelton during this season, as well as his emotions over saying goodbye to him as he leaves the show after 23 seasons.

Niall grinned and stated with certainty, “There is no doubt that we are going to have a few drinks.” “I’m gonna miss him. Big time. I’ve made a real friend.”

“Like, I didn’t know the man in October of last year, but he’s just been a consistent presence ever since then. Every day, we text each other. The singer remarked that all throughout, he was a source of laughter. “I pray he doesn’t win it! But I’m gonna miss him.”

This fall, a new season of “The Voice” will premiere on NBC.

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