A Peek Inside Annette Funicello’s House, Where Her Heroic Husband Met All of Her Requirements for the Past 27 Years While Their Three Children Grew Up…

A Peek Inside Annette Funicello’s House, Where Her Heroic Husband Met All of Her Requirements for the Past 27 Years While Their Three Children Grew Up…

It was clear that Glen Holt loved his wife, Annette Funicello, in a genuine and unreserved manner because of the way that he would constantly take care of her.

When Annette Funicello made her debut as an actor in Walt Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club” in 1935, the whole world fell in love with her. Funicello was an American. A number of years later, Funicello’s husband Holt also fell in love with the actress, and the two of them remained together for the remainder of her life.

When Holt was working as a racehorse owner and trainer, he first crossed paths with Funicello. Funicello was probably 16 or 17 years old when they first encountered each other. Holt was able to recall:

“She was a member of the Hollywood Park Racetrack Jockey Club, and she boarded a horse there. My horses raced there. There were several times when I saw her there with her folks. Every time I saw her, we’d exchange pleasantries, and I’d talk with her parents.

Holt also said that the two did not meet again for a number of years, and when they finally did, it was after they had both been married and divorced. After the actress obtained a divorce, he saw that she began going back to the racetrack more often. At the track, she worked out with Holt as her personal trainer.

Funicello had three children with her first husband, Jack Gilardi, a Hollywood agent. Gina, Jack Jr., and Jason were all born during their marriage. Funicello’s second marriage ended in divorce.

Following her marriage to Gilardi, Annette Funicello chose to raise her children at home and eventually purchased a large, well-appointed ranch house in the Encino, California, hills. After 17 years of marriage, the couple decided to end their union and get a divorce.

Michael Holt, Debbie Hanson, Philip Holt, and Sharla Johnson were the four children that Holt and his first wife, Helen Rose, had together. Prior to their marriage, Holt had been married to Helen Rose.

After each of them had gone through a divorce, Holt and Funicello got together and became good friends. After some time had passed, Holt proposed to the actress, and the couple wed in the year 1986.

After being married, the pair decided to make Encino their permanent abode. Holt’s ranch continued to serve as their secondary home, serving as a place for them to travel to get away for the weekend or spend time away from their lives in Los Angeles, where they had their principal property.

After Funicello passed away, Holt’s property was eventually sold to a group of developers. When the time came for it to be torn down, Holt took his son Michael there for one last look before it was destroyed. On this particular day, something wonderful took place when Holt’s sight was drawn to something on the rooftop of the home Michael and his brothers had spent their childhood in.

Holt first believed that what he saw was a chicken; but, once it fell from the roof and onto the driveway, he realized that it was an odd occurrence since there was no wind at the time. Holt made the decision to investigate, and when he got there, he saw an inflated, heart-shaped balloon that said “I love you.”

The rancher had given Funicello a balloon quite identical to this one many years ago, and he believed that this was his wife’s way of communicating with him. After taking possession of the balloon, Holt affixed it to the wall of his living room, where it remained for more than three years. After that, he entertained the idea of delivering it to Funicello, who was now in paradise.

Holt created a short movie at his ranch in which he is shown holding and releasing many different shaped balloons, including a heart-shaped balloon, two star-shaped balloons composed of blue and white balloons, and three purple balloons. Before he passed away on February 12, 2018, the rancher sent the balloon in the form of a heart to his wife, who was waiting for it in paradise.

Staying at the Residence in Encino
Before Funicello and Holt moved in together, the house in Encino served as Funicello’s childhood home and was filled with many happy memories for her. Over the course of her career, the actress shot a number of photographs inside of this residence.

In 1960, photographs were taken of the actress eating crisps out of a dish while at home. Funicello was now in the kitchen, which included cupboards mounted on the walls as well as cardboard inserts inserted on the otherwise white kitchen countertop.

The actress from “Bikini Beach” looked like she belonged in the setting with her short black skirt and patterned shirt. Her hair was styled in two different ways: some of it was pulled back into a low bun, while the rest of it was worn in a fringe over her forehead.

Another picture of the actress was shot in her room, this time on what was called a “Dreaming Desk.” There were portraits of Funicello’s family hanging on the wall right next to the desk. Among the people seen were Funicello’s brothers and his father.

A reading light, several award trophies, and some gift cards were displayed on top of the desk. A document that seemed to be a letter was being read by the actress as she sat at the table. She was dressed in the exact same outfit that she had been wearing when her photograph was taken in the kitchen earlier.

Another photograph was shot at this home, which shows Funicello interacting with her mother in the kitchen. It is clear that Funicello has a lot of fond memories connected to this residence. Funicello was wearing a white dress with thin straps and high heels, and she was glowing with happiness the whole time. Her distinctive updo was used to hold her hair in place.

The famous actress was resting her head on her mother, who was dressed casually in sandals, white pants, and a checkered blouse. The actress’s mother seemed to be cooking a supper as shown by the presence of pots on the stove. The kitchen was decorated tastefully with tiles, high and low cabinets, and silver knobs on the cupboards.

Another breathtaking picture was captured at the house in Encino, and it revealed the deep affection that Funicello’s family had for one another. In this image, the actress’s mother, Virginia, and their other two siblings, Funicello and Joey, were singing along as the actress’s brother, Michael, was playing the piano.

When Michael was playing the old black piano for the family, they were in a room that had a gorgeous flowery curtain with pictures of old homes on it. The family seemed to be in a good mood and was laughing and having a good time at that same moment.

In 1992, Funicello and her longtime friend Sharon Baird paid the actress a visit at her home in Encino to mark the debut of The Annette Funicello Collectible Bear. Funicello had been friends with Baird since childhood. The two ecstatic young ladies snapped a photo of themselves clutching the bears. On the long table that was behind them were photo frames of the actress’s family members.

At the residence in Encino, Funicello also posed for a photograph beside her sibling Michael. According to the post that was published on Facebook, Michael accompanied Annette Funicello to the Emmy Awards on September 13, 1983, and they were both in attendance.

Both of them looked absolutely stunning, with the actress wearing a beige gown embellished with glitters in the style of flowers. Because it drew attention to her trim waist, the garment looked really stunning on Funicello. Michael’s choice of attire, a brown tuxedo, made him appear quite dapper.

The photograph was taken by the actress and her brother in the room of the home that had furniture in a golden hue, wallpaper with a green floral design, and a few pieces of art hanging on the walls.

After Funicello and Holt were married, they bought a house in Encino and moved in together. A little over a year after the couple tied the wedding, the actress was informed that she had multiple sclerosis, a condition that causes nerve damage over time. “After we were married, she had the biggest smile on her face. I was the same way, Holt remembered.

After the actress was diagnosed, the pair did not inform anybody, but they were forced to notify actor Frankie Avalon since he was about to go on a national concert tour with Annette Funicello. The tour was planned to begin soon. Holt divulged this information to Avalon so that the latter could keep an eye on the actress when she was performing on the tour.

The two were able to keep their relationship a secret thanks to Avalon, although Funicello never performed publicly again after this tour. The actress from “Beach Party” started to grow shaky on her feet, and the media noticed it rather quickly. They then started suggesting that she was “intoxicated.”

At this time, the couple made the decision to make Funicello’s diagnosis public, and as a result, they were showered with an overwhelming amount of love and support from fans, celebrities, and friends. Additionally, their house was stuffed to the brim with flowers, plants, and cards brought in by well-wishers.

The following message was printed on a card that was sent to the recipient from Frank Sinatra: “If you need anything, call me.” Funicello, who was no longer capable of doing some activities, needed assistance from loved ones as well. Her spouse reported that she participated in the following activities on a daily basis:

If she wants to go shopping, then we will go shopping. In such case, we will just go for a drive. I want her to be able to go outdoors and experience the warmth of the sun, the fresh air, and the company of those who still take the time to say hello to her.

Holt was a very attentive husband to his wife. He assured her that he would fulfill any requirements that she had. He gave a warm and endearing description of his wife, noting that she would gaze at him with her large brown eyes:

“I just tell her that you are my baby, and that you want to go to the ranch today, baby, and go for a ride, huh? “, I said to the woman. We’ll walk out there and have a look around, all right, a good long look……”

Before the disease took a significant toll on her health, Funicello was a cheerful person. However, it has changed her. Gina, the woman’s daughter, said that during the 1980s, she went to a high school dance with a friend, and when they returned home, they were astonished to hear loud music coming from her bedroom.

She said that when she opened the door to her bedroom, she saw that her mother was seated at her desk with a pretend microphone in her hand, and she was singing as loud as she could “The Best of Times” by Styx. Gina also said that they had so much fun that they were crying from laughter.

Holt also said that in the years leading up to Funicello’s death, she had been less cheerful and vivacious than she had been in earlier years. According to the actress’s husband, she had lost the ability to talk roughly three years before to her passing, and she had lost the ability to walk around eight years before her passing. A saddened Holt said:

It’s unfortunate that she behaves in this manner. I would really like it if she could come back and sing, dance, and do everything else that she used to enjoy doing. But she just isn’t capable of it.”

A number of photographs that have been posted on Facebook provide a glimpse into the life of the actress during her time on earth. Funicello celebrated her 40th birthday with a party, and a number of her renowned pals were in attendance.

It was on October 21, 1992, the day before Annette Funicello turned 50 years old that she was recognized as a Disney legend. At her house in Encino, she hosted the party for her friends and family as they marked the occasion.

In another photo, the actress can be seen standing with her kid in the foyer of their house in Encino. The sides of the walls in the hallway are adorned with antique furniture in brown and black. In addition, there are photographs of the family and a mirror on the wall. This hallway ultimately terminates with a large brown double door.

Within the confines of this residence, Funicello has also captured an image of herself with a walking cane while posing in front of a doorway. The side of the entryway is decorated with a large ornamental bottle.

The actress’s cherished mementos, such as a present from the author of “Peanuts,” Charles M. Schulz, and a photograph of Avalon and Funicello appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” are displayed in a special area of the Encino house that has been set aside for this purpose.

Another stunning image of the actress from “Pajama Party” shows her in her living room, where she is standing next to a Christmas tree that has been decorated and is attempting to ring one of the tree’s bells. On the expansive windows in the living room are draped in a dark maroon color and bright yellow sheers.

In her latter years, Funicello not only lived in the home in Encino but she also welcomed her son there. In one of the photos, the actress can be seen sitting on a blue couch with her youngest son Jason, who is seen staring at her as the two of them grin and carry on a discussion. In addition, there are two couches and several vintage doll ornaments in this room.

The home where the actress spent her youth and her early adulthood had a variety of memories for her, both pleasant and unpleasant. On April 8, 2013, she passed away.

What really took place with the house in Encino?
On March 10, 2011, Funicello’s home in Encino, which he had owned for more than 40 years, was damaged by fire. In addition to a healthcare professional, the actress Holt was present at the residence. The employee at the medical facility was the one who discovered the smoke initially.

Holt was the one who first noticed that there was a fire in the home. He heard a loud pop coming from the entertainment area, which was full with smoke. The caretaker notified Holt of the situation. His initial idea was to sneak his wife out of the home as quickly as possible. In his recollection,

“I got her out of bed, put her in the wheelchair, and headed down the hall in the direction of the garage or the front door; however, by the time I got there, the smoke was thick and hot, and it was heading straight for us,” she said.

Holt said that he made the decision to keep his composure and then went to the bedroom. He was conscious of the fact that if he passed out, Funicello would be powerless and did not want to frighten her in any way. Holt was successful in opening the patio door in the bedroom, which led to the exterior of the home.

He was able to lift up his wife with the strength of a superhero, put her in a wheelchair, and push her over the yard fence into the yard of a neighbor. Even though everyone was able to escape the home safely, it was entirely destroyed by the fire.

The items that were most important to his wife, including the artifacts from her job in Disney and the entertainment industry, as well as two personal letters written by Walt Disney, were misplaced. In the end, the home with a total floor area of 3,3376 square feet was sold for the price of $714,250 as a teardown.

After Funicello’s death, what became to her belongings and personal effects?
The Walt Disney Company was responsible for the replacement of some of the items that were destroyed in the fire at Funicello. After the actress passed away, her possessions, including Mickey Mouse Club Ears that she had painted to look like blonde Mickey Mouse, were put up for sale and sold.

In addition, there was a sale of Weber’s distinctive airline chair, closet, and floor lamps, all of which had an estimated value of between $60,000 and $80,000.

It was anticipated that each of the Mickey and Minnie animated window displays from the 1933 animated feature “Old King Cole” would sell for between $50,000 and $75,000, and they were one of the other items that were up for auction.

Early original sketches by animator Ub Iwerks from the first two Mickey Mouse cartoons, Steamboat Willie and Plane Crazy, were up for sale, and it was expected that they would sell for between $4,000 and $6,000 each.

During the auction, a prop soldier from the 1961 film Babes in Toyland that was sold for somewhere between $18,000 and $20,000 to a buyer.

In addition, a very collectible premiere program for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that was signed by Walt Disney and more than fifty other members of the Disney company was estimated to be worth between $5,000 and $10,000.

On WorthPoint, more items of the actress’s personal property, such as a candy dish, have also been placed up for auction. A few of her personal images were also listed for sale on WorthPoint. One of them was a shot that showed Funicello standing at her kitchen sink in the Encino house as she prepared a salad.

Funicello and Holt’s affection for one another remained unwavering up to the day when Holt passed away. Despite having to take care of the actress when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her husband said that he did not “regret it by one iota” that they got married. He added that he didn’t “regret it by one iota” that they were married.

Both Funicello and Holt passed dead exactly four years after one another. The two have established a lasting legacy via their work to establish the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases, which continues to support research into the causes, treatments, and potential cures for multiple sclerosis.

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