Priscilla Presley was in attendance for her twin granddaughters’ graduation but remained apart from the rest of her family…

Priscilla Presley was in attendance for her twin granddaughters’ graduation but remained apart from the rest of her family…

On Friday, Priscilla Presley was there to see her daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s twin children complete the middle school phase of their education and go on to the next stage of their young lives.

When Priscilla, who was 77 at the time, went to Los Angeles to attend the graduation ceremony for her granddaughters Harper and Finley, she wore a black and white jacket over a white shirt, black slacks, and black boots. Michael Lockwood, the twins’ father, was there at the event as well. Both of the twins are now 14 years old. Priscilla, on the other hand, did not join the rest of her family at the occasion and, as reported by the Daily Mail, she departed the gathering without anybody else.



The fact that she did not reunite with her family and instead departed on her own seems to be an indication that the dust has not yet cleared after Priscilla’s conflict on who should be in charge of Lisa Marie’s trust. Priscilla, Riley, and Michael, who represented the twins in the estate struggle, all came to an arrangement over Lisa Marie’s inheritance earlier this week. The battle lasted for months.

Lisa Marie passed on Jan. 12 in Los Angeles. Her age was 54.

After they reached an agreement, Priscilla shared with ET that she was prepared to go on with her life.

“My family has resolved all ambiguity as it relates to our plea to the court and request for document translation after my daughter Lisa Marie’s untimely passing,” Priscilla stated in a statement that was sent to ET after the passing of Lisa Marie. “I want to make it perfectly clear that there was never any lawsuit filed against my cherished granddaughter, despite the fact that some media outlets misidentified such a plea as a lawsuit,” the grandmother said.



However, despite the fact that the twins’ middle school graduation looked to be a family event, there was a conspicuous absence: Harper and Finley’s older sister, Riley Keough, who is 33 years old, did not attend the ceremony.

The graduation of the twins took place barely one day after TMZ claimed that Priscilla’s desire to be buried at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee next to the late Elvis Presley had been refused. Graceland is located in Memphis.

According to the information provided by the site, which cited people who had firsthand knowledge, the request was a non-starter, and Priscilla backed down from her proposal without much debate taking place.

The issue is that Elvis’ mother, Gladys, is buried to the right of him in the Meditation Garden, while his father, Vernon, is buried to the left of him. This means that if Priscilla had her way, one of Elvis’ parents would need to be relocated in order to accommodate her request.

Benjamin, who was a son of Lisa Marie and who passed away in the year 2020, is buried to the left of Vernon as an extra precaution. There’s a grave next to Benjamin for Lisa Marie.

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