After years of sleeping on friends’ couches and borrowing money from them, George Clooney eventually gathered 14 of his close friends and gave them each $1 million…

After years of sleeping on friends’ couches and borrowing money from them, George Clooney eventually gathered 14 of his close friends and gave them each $1 million…

It is common knowledge that George Clooney is one of the most accomplished actors working in Hollywood today. He has contributed his talents to a diverse selection of cinema productions and has been recognized with a number of awards for his work in the business.

Clooney has managed to keep his feet on the ground in spite of his enormous success and has never forgotten his more modest beginnings. In point of fact, he has made a name for himself by supporting and giving back to the people who assisted him on his way to fame and money.



Clooney acquired an early appreciation for the worth of laborious effort thanks to his upbringing in the little community of Augusta, Kentucky. When he was a kid, he used to spend his time cutting grass and wearing clothes that his mother had fashioned for him.

In addition to being a sporty youngster back then, he was also a member of the school’s basketball team. During Clooney’s senior year, the team’s record was less than outstanding, with 26 losses in 27 games. Despite the team’s best efforts, they were unable to improve their record.

Clooney claimed that participating in the sport he played as a child was one of the most humiliating experiences of his life. But he still thought it was a lot of fun and a “great way” to mature despite the fact that he was embarrassed by it.



As a result of his acting abilities, Clooney rose to prominence in Hollywood very immediately and amassed a fortune in the millions of dollars. In the 2000s, he rose to prominence thanks to the roles he played in movies like “The Perfect Storm,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” In addition, he was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal in the 2005 film “Syriana.”

In 2013, when he starred in the film “Gravity,” he had already established himself as an accomplished actor. As a result of this, he was successful in negotiating a salary of $20 million, with the prospect of gaining further compensation through a backend arrangement.

Clooney has been a supporter of a wide variety of charitable organizations and causes throughout his career. In spite of the fact that he has earned millions of dollars for his work in the entertainment world, he has also amassed a fortune through his commercial endeavors.

Together with his close friend Rande Gerber, he established Casamigos in 2013, and it has since become one of the most successful tequila companies in the world. In June of 2017, the beverage corporation Diageo purchased the business for a total of one billion dollars.

In the beginning, Diageo paid $700 million for Clooney and his friend’s company at the time, with the possibility of adding an additional $300 million based on the performance of Casamigos over the course of 10 years.



Despite the fact that he has not been seen in any movies in recent years, George Clooney topped the annual list of highest-paid actors published by Forbes magazine in 2018. According to Forbes, Clooney emerged from the transaction with $233 million in his pocket after the sale with Diageo.

Clooney reportedly had total annual earnings of $239 million during the year in question, as published by the most prominent business journal. This amount takes into account the additional earnings he has received through endorsements and films.

Clooney was not immune to bad times and had to rely on the compassion of others around him despite the fact that he was famous and had a lot of money. There was a period of time when he fell on hard times financially and was forced to seek assistance from his friends.

Clooney reminisced on the close friendships that he had developed with his peers over the course of his 35-year career. He was reminded of the ways in which they had helped him get through difficult times, one of which was by giving him a home to live. In his recollection,

“When I was without money, I would sleep on their couches. When I was completely out of money, they gave it to me as a loan. They assisted me whenever I required assistance throughout the years.

In return, he had always been there to them whenever they required assistance. Clooney came to the conclusion that he could not have achieved the same level of success or pleasure in his life without the support of his closest friends.

The multi-award winning actor also came to the conclusion that, because he and his pals had maintained a close relationship for more than three decades, he believed that, in the event that something tragic occurred to him, they would all be the recipients of his estate.

Clooney expressed his gratitude to his friends and family members who had assisted him along the way in an intriguing way. As a way to show his appreciation for the part they played in the success of his career, he presented each of them with a check for one million dollars as a symbol of his gratitude.



Clooney said that in order to make this huge gesture a reality, he was willing to go to considerable measures to make it happen. As part of his investigation, he found a location in downtown Los Angeles where he could obtain large sums of cash.

Clooney was eventually successful in his search and located an old, beat-up van bearing the term “florist.” He navigated the van through the central business district of Los Angeles on his way to an unknown location.

Following that, Clooney drove the vehicle into a safe deposit box and proceeded to load it with cash. He only confided in his assistant and a few security officers who were particularly concerned about the plan’s ability to be carried out successfully. It appeared as though the actor was taking part in a heist film.

After purchasing fourteen Tumi travel bags and stuffing one million dollars in cash into them, Clooney discovered that the total weight of the bags was less than he had anticipated.

The following day, he sent out invitations to his 14 close friends, inviting them to have dinner at his house. He thanked them for their assistance by giving them a map that detailed all the locations and activities he had participated in during the course of his travels.

The famous actor then inquired as to how he could show his appreciation for their help and, in jest, promised to pay each of them one million dollars as a token of his gratitude. In his recollection,

“I asked, ‘How do you compensate somebody in a situation like that?’ I responded by saying, “Oh well: How about one million dollars?”

The attempt that George Clooney made to pull off the great gesture was finally successful, as he presented each of his close pals with a carry-on bag that contained one million dollars.



It seemed as though his giving was productive. He recalled that he had given one million dollars to his pals on September 27 or 28, that year, and that he had gotten married on September 27, the year after that. The fortuitous chain of events was described by him as a “happenstance.”

The considerate act the actor displayed to show his appreciation to his friends not only provided as a reminder of his modest origins and how far he had come, but it also served as a demonstration of the actor’s thanks.

Clooney’s life serves as a powerful example of how dedication and perseverance can pave the road toward the realization of one’s goals, and he will be remembered for the rest of time as one of the most talented performers of his generation.

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