VIDEO: Garbageman’s heartfelt performance at the auditions moves the judges to tears and leaves them demanding more…

VIDEO: Garbageman’s heartfelt performance at the auditions moves the judges to tears and leaves them demanding more…

There is a performance on American Idol that, every so often, gets right to the point and touches the viewer emotionally.

Doug Kiker offered such a moment.

Kiker, a trash guy from Mobile, Alabama, made his way onto the judge’s platform, which turned out to be one of those amazing moments.

Doug presented the judges with a warm and genuine grin as he explained the most crucial reason why he was auditioning.

He wanted to demonstrate to his daughter, who is just two years old, that if you set your mind to something, you can do anything.

Has he had what it takes to succeed?

The judges approached Doug and inquired about his prior singing experience after seeing that he seemed to be experiencing some kind of anxiety. The judges are taken aback by Doug’s forthright reaction.

He’d never even been brought up to temperature before.

Doug said that he wouldn’t know how to warm up before stepping in when the judges asked him whether he had warmed up before jumping in. Therefore, they gave Doug the opportunity to get warmed up.

In a moment that is quite uncommon for the program, the judges offer Doug some advice that they hope would help him do his finest performance: they encourage him to go warm up.

He is told by Lionel Richie, “I want you to go out right now and warm up, and then you’ll come back in.”

He then gestures toward the exit and instructs him to go meet Ryan Seacrest outside for some pre-workout stretches and exercises.

Doug returns for a second turn in the spotlight.

When Doug gets back, he instantly gives off the impression of being more self-assured and prepared to demonstrate his abilities to them.

When he begins to sing Rascall Flatts’s “Bless the Broken Road,” the judge’s eyes immediately light up with excitement.

Doug’s singing is full of feeling and passion.

The judges are obviously taken away by Doug’s natural skill as well as his profound emotional connection to the song as they watch him perform.

During the concert, Luke Bryan will join us.

It is now the turn of Doug to have his mind blown. Bryan makes the executive decision to accompany Doug on stage so that he may demonstrate the full range of his vocal abilities.

As they continue to sing together, Doug’s voice continues to improve. He offers him some advice and guides him through some exercises to help him nail the notes and show off his range.

He devotes a lot of himself to it.

Even though this is Doug Kiker’s first time singing on stage, he is about to become a famous performer.

The public at large as well as the panel of judges fell head over heels in love with this optimistic and hardworking father who was willing to take a chance in order to demonstrate to his daughter that dreams may come true.

Watch the video below to see Doug’s outstanding performance during the audition!

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