One of the nine people who continue Laura Ingalls Wilder’s legacy, retiree Melissa Gilbert babysits her long-awaited grandchildren…

One of the nine people who continue Laura Ingalls Wilder’s legacy, retiree Melissa Gilbert babysits her long-awaited grandchildren…

Melissa Gilbert is well-known for her legendary performance in the television series “Little House on the Prairie.” The actress is now the grandmother of nine children, and one of those children is destined to carry on the acting career of their grandma.

When Melissa Gilbert was 55 years old, she finally found love. When she first met her husband, Timothy Busfield, they both believed their chances of having a romantic relationship were hopeless.

It had been eight months after Busfield’s second divorce, which took place in 2012, and the actor had made it a habit to frequent a pub that is just across from Universal Studios.

Busfield said that the bar would be deserted until 10:00 p.m., when it would transform into a club; nonetheless, he really appreciated having the bar to himself for a period of forty-five minutes so that he could watch his sports and have a piece of pizza.

The bar was, as was customary, deserted; yet, the actor’s attention was drawn to a lady who was seated near the entrance while she wore a fedora. Gilbert was seated there, awaiting the arrival of her companions.

Busfield worked up the guts to make his introduction, and the two of them ended up chatting for the whole of the evening. She did not even seem to notice when Gilbert’s pals came, and that is when the actor realized that she was the one he was looking for. He said that “it felt so genuine.”

In addition to that, the actress from Little House on the Prairie had just gone through her second divorce. She was previously wed to Bo Brinkman from 1988 to 1994, and the couple had a kid together named Dakota who is now 33 years old.

Her second marriage was to actor Bruce Boxleitner, which lasted from 1995 all the way up until 2011. They have a son named Michael who is 26 years old. In addition, Busfield is a parent, and he has three grown children named Samuel, Daisy, and Wilson.


Because of the initial connection they had, the couple had no second thoughts about giving marriage a third go. Busfield and Gilbert tied the knot in 2013, only one year after their chance encounter the previous year.

Santa Barbara, California served as the setting for their little wedding ceremony. Busfield is quoted as saying that he cherishes their partnership since they are on equal footing in all aspects.

Gilbert also said that the most memorable thing that her spouse has ever said to her is, “if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.” This meant a lot to the kid actress since she had spent her whole life in Hollywood without ever having her opinion sought out.

Despite the fact that Gilbert has found the love of her life, she feels that her life would not be complete until she has grandkids of her own.

A close friend of the actress said that Melissa has always had the desire to become a grandma.

To Gilbert’s good fortune, her son Dakota and his wife Marissa have became parents for the first time to a little girl named Ripley Lou Brinkman. The actress shared the happy news on her Instagram account along with a statement that expressed her excitement.

Even though Gilbert and Busfield make their home in New York, it was a no-brainer for the new grandmother to go to Austine Taxes. According to a friend of the actress, if it had been feasible for Gilbert to move in with her son, she would have done it so that she could always be with the infant.

Gilbert also cautioned her followers to prepare themselves for the forthcoming baby-related information that would be posted on her various social media platforms. Gilbert warned his audience that, “My feed is going to grow boring if you are not into infants.” “Nana, I am very proud of you!” she said further.

Gilbert stepped away from the public eye to focus on her roles as a devoted wife and grandmother.

The former cast member’s life has come full circle since their time on “The Life on the Prairie.” The actress intended to live this chapter of her life as far away from the glare of the Hollywood spotlight as was humanly feasible given that she is happily married and the proudest grandmother.

Gilbert and Busfield made their purchase of a little cabin in the Catskill highlands of New York in the year 2018. The property had 14 acres of land.

Gilbert’s performance as Laura Ingalls Wilder in the film Half Pint served as the catalyst for the couple’s decision to pursue a life on a farm. The actress said that one of the reasons she enjoyed shooting Little House on the Prairie so much was because she related so closely to the life of her character.

After waiting for half a century, Gilbert finally gets to fulfill her lifelong ambition of keeping hens and providing a home for their dog, Chicago. In addition, the actress’s desire was to live a lifestyle that was less publicized and more in tune with nature, rather than in the public eye.

Because Gilbert and Busfield now have nine grandchildren, the large piece of property that they dwell on will come in useful at the appropriate times. They are wonderful parents and grandparents, and they take pleasure in seeing the children together.


Lulabelle is Gilbert’s grandchild; her stepson Samuel Boxleitner is the biological father of Lulabelle. Her current spouse, Samuel, is Bruce’s kid from a previous relationship with his ex-wife, Kathryn.

Sam is an actress like his stepmother, and he has been in movies including “Downstairs” and “The Badger Game.” Sam followed in his stepmother’s footsteps by becoming an actor.

Now, Lulabelle has realized that she has feelings for the role that her grandmother played on Little House on the Prairie.

The actress proudly displayed a photograph of her granddaughter beaming the greatest grin on the set of Little House on the Prairie. The photo was uploaded on social media.

Gilbert showed off yet another photo of Lulebelle, this time one that was a few years older. In the picture, Lulabelle is seen paying close attention to the show as her grandma weaves her hair into the same two braids that Laura Ingalls wore.

Gilbert is happy to watch her grandkids appreciate this memorable moment that she had on TV, and she is certain that Lulabelle will carry on the tradition that her grandma established.

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