Casey Kasem was laid to rest in an unmarked grave as his three children and his wife of 34 years accused each other of being the one who murdered their father… Read more below…

Casey Kasem was laid to rest in an unmarked grave as his three children and his wife of 34 years accused each other of being the one who murdered their father… Read more below…

Casey Kasem was a radio star who had a lengthy career as a disc jockey (DJ). His voice may be heard in a variety of media, including advertising, cartoons, and more. On the other hand, the radio personality’s private life was embroiled in a terrible family battle that continued until after he passed away.

Casey Kasem was a legendary figure in the world of radio, and his voice was distinctive and unforgettable. Kasem was a fantastic DJ, and for over four decades, he presented a countdown of the top 40 popular tunes in the United States each week.

His voice was versatile; he performed voiceovers for a large number of commercials, worked on the NBC television network for a number of years, and provided the voice for the cartoon character Shabby from Scooby Doo for nearly forty years.

The world was familiar with Kasem’s voice, and he was widely regarded as the most talented radio presenter during the 1970s and 1980s, up until he turned over the reins to Ryan Seacrest in 2004.

Before he went away, he was quite pleased to say his famous parting words, which were, “Keep your feet on the earth and keep aiming for the skies.” Kasem was a well-loved father to his three children, Kerri, Mike, and Julie, whom he had with his first wife. In addition to being a legendary figure in the world of radio, Kasem was also a dedicated family man. The radio star had a strong bond with his children. According to one of his daughters, Julie, her father was a wonderful parent who instilled in his kids an early appreciation for the value of an education. He instilled in his children the value of being modest and treating others with compassion.

Not only was he the person to whom others turned for guidance, but his children were also active participants in his work. Karri, his oldest daughter, used to assist around the radio station, and she even tried her hand at modeling, acting, and broadcasting at one point.

After ending his marriage to his first wife, he began dating a new partner. The start of his new relationship, on the other hand, had an impact on the bond he had with his children.

1979 was the year that Kasem first interacted with Jean Thompson, who worked as a secretary at one of his agent’s offices. The radio personality fell in love with the other person quite fast, and a year later they tied the knot at a posh hotel in Los Angeles.

Thompson, who was 22 years younger than Kasem, said that she had listened to him on the radio throughout her childhood. His abilities as a DJ and his voice in particular piqued her interest in him.

Thompson has a career as an actress and is most recognized for her part in the television sitcom “Cheers.” After their wedding, which was attended by 500 guests, Kasem and his wife moved into their house, Bel-Air, which is located adjacent to the Playboy mansion. Shortly afterward, they became parents to their daughter, Liberty.

Thompson said that there was a conflict between her children and the children of Kasem. The fact that her children resented her and Kasem’s decision to get married was the primary factor in her decision to cut ties with them.

In addition, the former actress said that Kasem’s children were materialistic. She gave the impression that all they cared about was money and that they used him like an automated teller machine.

According to Thompson, Kasem severed all financial ties with his children in 2011, and they displayed a great deal of resentment as a result. The former actress said that Kerri’s response to the news was something that no one could have anticipated her doing.

Kerri, on the other hand, refuted all of the charges. She said that she and her siblings had no interest in her father’s money at any time. They were just interested in meeting with him, but Thompson forbade them from going to see Kasem.

In 2007, Kasem was given a diagnosis of an illness that impacted both his movement and his ability to speak. Because he required round-the-clock care, it was inevitable that he would have to retire.

During the latter days of their father’s life, Kasem’s children wished they could take him to the hospital and get him out of the home, but Thompson strictly controlled who was allowed to see him.

After Thompson vanished along with Kasem and went to Las Vegas, Seattle, and finally Washington with him, the Kasem children decided to report the incident to the authorities.

After Kerri’s victory in court, she immediately boarded a plane to Los Angeles to pick up her dad. She entered the room with the media and her attorney, which only served to heighten the tension.

Kasem was able to get inside the ambulance after the intense struggle that took place between Kerri and Thompson. Kerri said that a member of the medical staff had informed her that Kasem did not have a lot of time left to live.

The Kasem family’s daughter was inconsolable. The state of Kasem’s health has worsened noticeably in only three days. He was unable to digest any food since his organs were failing and shutting down. On June 6, the Kasem children informed Thompson that their father would not be able to make it to the event.

After Thompson and her daughter Liberty arrived at the hospital, the “Cheers” star said that they were only allowed five minutes to say their goodbyes to their loved ones.

Thompson said that she saw fear in her husband’s eyes and that she could not turn off the machine that kept him alive since she had seen it. She added, “My first and primary concern was to try to save my husband’s life, and I knew that every second mattered.”

Therefore, Thompson boarded a flight to Los Angeles in order to get a court order that would enable her to bring Kasem back to their house. Unfortunately for Kasem, the process of filing the court order would take many months. He did not have a lot of time left.

Jullie asserts that the doctor informed her there was nothing else that could be done to save Kasem’s life. Because of this, the three children had no choice but to make the difficult choice of releasing their father from his parental responsibilities.

On June 15, 2014, Kasem passed away as his three children were at his side. Unfortunately, Thompson and Liberty were unable to get back in time for the bittersweet farewell.

After Kasem passed away, Thompson accused his children of killing him and hired a private investigator to investigate the allegations. In Oslo, Norway, Kasem’s body was laid to rest in an unmarked cemetery. On the other hand, Peter Van Sant, a correspondent, said that a Swedish lady visited the tomb on a monthly basis in order to adorn it.

But Sant Vant also said that Kasem’s burial is located in an inaccessible location without a caretaker because his brothers had a grudge towards Thompson and her daughter and intended to make it impossible for them to pay their respects to their brother.

The legendary DJ made his imprint on the globe and utilized his voice and ability to ensure that he would be remembered and adored all over the place. Although there may have been a brutal family quarrel that led to his demise, he is still remembered as a legend.

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