Bob Barker is reportedly “happy” and “engaged,” and his longtime girlfriend says about him that “he’s very sturdy” as he crosses the age of 99… Learn more below…

Bob Barker is reportedly “happy” and “engaged,” and his longtime girlfriend says about him that “he’s very sturdy” as he crosses the age of 99… Learn more below…

Bob Barker will celebrate his 99th birthday in December of 2022, and despite all of the challenges that he has encountered during his life, the former game show host has a lot for which to be thankful. Nancy Burnet, Barker’s lifelong companion, has just divulged some fascinating ideas about her partner’s life in the present day. The specifics are as follows:

As a game show presenter on television, Bob Barker, who is now an iconic figure in the world of entertainment, was a formidable competitor in his day. His stint on the CBS game show “The Price Is Right” brought him the most fame. The legendary ability of the commentator continues to have a significant effect on the entertainment industry despite the fact that he ultimately retired.

Barker had, without a shadow of a doubt, a successful career; but, his professional accomplishments were not the only things for which he was recognized. The legendary figure in the entertainment industry had a romantic history that he spoke openly and proudly about throughout his life.

He spent three decades of his life as a devoted husband to Dorothy Jo Gideon. When Barker was not running the successful CBS game show and giving out prizes to players, he was traveling the world with his stunning wife.

Barker and Gideon tied the knot in 1945, and despite the fact that they did not have children because they did not have time for children, they remained married for a total of 36 years. The lovebirds strolled down the aisle.

A terrible event resulted in the dissolution of their wonderful marriage. Gideon passed away on October 19, 1981, at the age of 57, only six months after she was given a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Barker said that Gideon had been with him constantly up to the time of her passing, which made this period more difficult for him. The former game show host made sure that the memory of his late wife was never forgotten throughout the course of the following several years, and he consistently said no to the idea of getting married again.

Even though it’s been decades since Gideon’s passing, Barker hasn’t remarried yet, but the legend is now in a fulfilling relationship with his longtime companion, Nancy Burnet.

Barker and Burnet have been in a relationship for the last four decades, and by all appearances, their love for one another is just becoming stronger with the passage of time. Additional information on Barker’s life is provided below, including information regarding his relationship with Burnet.

In March of 1983, Barker and Burnet first met one another during a gathering for the adoption of animals. Due to the fact that both individuals are huge animal advocates, it was simple for the pair to bond quickly at first introduction.

The two were romantically involved not long after that, and they have been a couple ever since. After forty years, it does not seem like Barker and Burnet will be going their own ways any time in the near future.

They have also been successful in making use of the passion that they both have for animals. DonkeyLand is a rescue, refuge, and wildlife preserve that spans approximately 2,000 acres and is owned and operated by two individuals. Their mission is to save wild burros and the environments in which they live. Even though Barker has been through a terrible loss in the past, it seems like he is in a decent position now.

During an interview in August 2022 with the publication Closer, his girlfriend verified the information. The following is what Burnet says:

“He is making good progress…

He is happy and just became engaged. He is approaching 99 years old, yet he is in astonishingly good health for his age.”

As a result of Burnet’s confession, internet users are overjoyed for the former star of “The Price Is Right,” who just resigned after enduring a number of difficulties, one of which was related to his health. In the recent past, Barker has struggled with a number of different health problems, including a stroke, skin cancer, the need for surgery to remove his prostate, and a partially blocked left carotid artery.

Despite the fact that Barker has been in a loving relationship for a very long time, his emotional bond with his late wife has not altered.

Barker has also been known to trip and fall at home, resulting in head and knee injuries as well as the need for stitches. Then, in 2019, the legend was seen in Beverly Hills while being assisted into a vehicle while seated in a wheelchair. This occurred only a few months after he had another fall in his home in Los Angeles. Because Burnet is never far away, even during the most trying times in his life, he has never had to face adversity without someone by his side.

Barker’s strength and stamina have definitely decreased as he has gotten older, which is to be anticipated given his age and has not surprised him in any way. He had spent many active years working in the entertainment sector, but by his 80s, his strength was declining and he was having health problems, so he decided to retire. Once, in the course of an interview, Burnet disclosed the following:

“Due to the length of his career, performing on stage eventually became quite taxing for him. You simply don’t have the same amount of stamina as you had when you were younger; getting older brings that with it. He continued to labor until he was well into his eighties.”

As a result of Barker’s long tenure as a host on “The Price Is High,” he developed a strong emotional connection to the program over the course of those years. Even after he officially retired in 2007, Bob Barker continued to make sporadic appearances on the show.

Closer Weekly was informed by a friend of the legend that Barker loved the program’s presenter, Drew Carey and that he enjoyed watching the show.

But sadly, Burnet disclosed this information about her partner’s lack of interest in “The Price is Right” in an interview she gave to Closer Weekly in August of 2022. In her words:

“It’s not like the others. It’s not even close to what it used to be. That makes it something completely distinct. He would much prefer watching a movie or anything else at this time.”

The passing of a much-cherished family member or friend is one of those moments in life that will never be erased from memory. Despite the fact that Barker has been in a loving relationship for a very long time, his emotional bond with his late wife has not altered.

In order to pay his respects on the occasion of the 36th anniversary of his late wife’s passing, the former television host paid a visit to the grave of Gideon at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles in the month of October 2017.

In photographs documenting the visit, Barker can be seen clutching onto a big bouquet of daisies while seeming to be filled with sadness. The former presenter of “Truth or Consequences” gave his high school girlfriend, who passed away, respect for a period of twenty minutes as a female caregiver held vigil. Indeed, the event was one that would stick in Barker’s mind forever.

Barker’s first known public appearance with his late wife was at an Ella Fitzgerald performance in Missouri, which took place when he was just 15 years old. It is not unexpected to see how much Barker misses his late wife since their first public appearance together was so long ago.

Six years later, Barker took a leave of absence from the Navy and eloped with Gideon, finally marrying him in a traditional wedding ceremony. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to be together forever. Despite this, Gideon will remain a constant presence in Barker’s life, and Barker will always hold dear the memories that the two of them have shared.

Burnet is at his side as he upholds Gideon’s heritage and continues the family business. It is my sincere hope that the love they share will last for the rest of their lives.

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