After the passing of John Travolta’s wife, the actor stepped up for the care of his children… Watch the video and see how he overcame that loss…

After the passing of John Travolta’s wife, the actor stepped up for the care of his children… Watch the video and see how he overcame that loss…

John Travolta has been widowless for two years since the death of his wife Kelly Preston. Travolta continues to be a loving father to his children despite the fact that this is a challenging period for the family. In fact, this past summer, the actor took his kids on the trip of a lifetime!

Kelly Preston fought a courageous and ultimately losing fight with illness, leaving behind her two children, Benjamin, 11, and Ella, 22. John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston enjoyed a lovely marriage until her passing.

She passed away on July 12, 2020, and the day when Travolta and Presteons would have celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary is September 5, 2022.

The “Gotti” alumni’s most recent anniversary was their 28th, and throughout the celebration, they both expressed gratitude for the love that they had enjoyed with one another. Travolta could not fail to acknowledge what a “great” wife Preston had been to him during their marriage.

When Preston passed away, Travolta was forced to grieve the loss of his wife while also providing his young children with as much assistance as he could muster as they struggled to cope with the loss of their mother.

On September 5, 1991, the couple who had been together for a long time tied the knot, and in 1992, they had their first son, Jett. After a wait of eight years, Travolta and Preston welcomed their daughter Ella into the world.

Jett, who was just 16 years old when he passed away, had a seizure when he was on vacation with his family in the Bahamas, and that was the cause of his loss.

Travolta has been quite open about how the loss of his daughter, Jetts, has impacted him and his family. The loss of a child is one of the most unbearable kinds of suffering.

The actor who played Vincent in “Pulp Fiction” described the incident as “the worst thing” that had ever happened to him, and he was unsure as to whether or not he would be able to recover.

Nevertheless, in 2010, the long-term marriage had their third kid Benjamin, and he was the one who brought the family back to life.

The father of three said that the birth of Benjamin had restored his family’s health and made it possible for them to experience joy once again.

Sadly, in the year 2020, another member of the Travolta family passed away in a sad accident; yet, the family has remained resilient and has kept their heads held high. In a moving statement that she shared on Instagram, Ella paid respect to her mother by writing the following:

a mother who is “kind,” “courageous,” “strong,” and “beautiful.” “Anybody who has been fortunate enough to have met you or to have ever been in your company would agree that you have a glow and a light that never stops to shine and that makes anyone around you feel instantaneously delighted,”

On the other side, Benjamin, who was ten years old at the time, told his father that the passing of his mother caused him to be afraid of outliving him as well.

Travolta has said that this was a challenging but necessary talk between a father and son and that he was honest with his kid about mortality and its unpredictability.

The performer said, “But, Ben, as you well know… You are someone who is always interested in learning the truth, and now I am going to give you the truth about life. Nobody knows when they’re going to go or when they’re going to remain, and nobody cares.”

The star of “Grease” continued to talk to his kid about the brief lives of his brother Jett and his mother, but he also had to break the news to him that loss is an inevitable and unavoidable aspect of life that cannot be prevented.

Travolta prioritizes being a good dad to his children, even in the face of the challenges they provide, more than anything else. He is completely driven to make the most out of every opportunity he has with them and cherishes every second of it.

During the last two years, John Travolta and his family have been enduring life without the presence of their love, Kelly Preston. Every passing year is a painful reminder of their two significant losses, but John Travolta is paying tribute to the lives of his wife and son by making every moment spent with his family special.

Travolta wants his children to continue enjoying life to the fullest and to make as many memories as they can while they still have time together, despite how tough it was for them to endure the loss of their mother.

This past summer, Trevolata took his children on an exciting trip across the globe. The spectacular event was launched from a private runway that was located just outside of his estate in Clearwater, Florida.

Not only did this summer vacation involve a family of three, but it also included some of the kids’ close friends. And one of the advantages of having a dad who is both an outstanding actor and a pilot is that Travolta is able to fly his children in his own aircraft.

The man who is a father to three children published on social media a video compilation entitled “Summer family and friend with a little of business too!” It included all of the locations that they had been to throughout the summer.

The movie montage began with the group exploring some locations in Iceland. Next, they were shown in Greece exploring some of the country’s most famous ancient monuments.

After that, the family traveled to Dubai, where they had a stay filled with bizarre views from the extremely high buildings. Following that, they went to the desert, where they rode camels and did other activities.

That was not the end of the journey since a trip during the summer is not complete until it is spent in a tropical setting. In addition, the family had a great time parasailing and unwinding on the beach.

The last leg of the journey consisted of sightseeing in the enchanting city of Paris, which is located in France. This trip was packed with exciting new experiences, plenty of opportunities to relax, and even a few insightful lessons about the past.

Fans have also praised Trevolata for being a kind parent and for making incredible experiences for his children when they were younger.

In addition, supporters expressed their admiration for the man’s ability to pick himself up after suffering such a significant setback and to ensure that he and his children continue to be happy.

Ella, the second child of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, showed early signs of taking like both of her parents. She was just nine years old when she made her debut in the film “Old Dogs,” in which she featured with legendary actor Robin Williams.

In 2019, Ella secured another film part, this time playing Becky Hunt in the film “The Poison Rose,” which was directed by Trevolts. Travolta is a very proud father, and he takes great joy in seeing his daughter Ella advance her career in the entertainment sector.

The actor said that he stands behind the camera, reenacts the actions, and recites his daughters’ lines, all of which his wife used to find quite humorous.

Travolta has indicated that he is highly pleased with his daughter’s acting talent, and he is speaking as an award-winning actor who has had to do a wide variety of demanding parts.

The star of “Pulp Fiction” discussed an instance in which Ella had to perform an emotionally taxing scene. He went on to explain that around four in the morning, she was required to weep, hold a pistol, and think about a variety of other things and that she did an excellent job.

Travolta was seen behind the camera, making an effort to disengage and give the other person space to carry out her responsibilities. And as the crew clapped for Ella, Travolta was filled with pride and awe at his daughter’s outstanding performance.

In addition, the father and daughter duo worked together on a commercial that was shown before the Super Bowl, in which they recreated some of John Travolta’s most iconic dance sequences from the film “Grease,” which was released in 1978.

This was yet another unforgettable experience for the actor, and he later reflected on it by saying, “It was amazing because there is no one else in the world save my daughter, Ella, with whom I would like to dance.”

Ella likes spending time with her close friends and family in addition to having a successful career in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Travolta and Preston’s younger child is shown an interest in the entertainment industry as well.

A video of Benjamin and his father, who is a parent to three other children, dancing to the song “Grease lightning” was posted on Instagram with the comment, “Yesterday’s pre-birthday dance with Ben.” The father of three children said that Benjamin enjoys dancing.

Benjamin is not only skilled at showing off his abilities, but also at strolling the red carpet like a master. The debut of Solo: A Star Wars Story took place in May of 2018, and the little boy, who was eleven at the time, exhibited no indications of anxiety throughout the event.

Another interest of the Travolta family member who is the youngest is athletics. His father has said that some of his son’s hobbies and interests include gymnastics, tennis, fishing, and the internet world.

In spite of the tragedy that befell the Travolta family, there is no question that the actor is a kind and loving parent, and that he has been blessed with children who possess extraordinary abilities.

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