According to Tina Turner’s son, the singer “abandoned” her children once she found love and “is living her life.”

According to Tina Turner’s son, the singer “abandoned” her children once she found love and “is living her life.”

Tina Turner is a happy wife, and she and her husband now make their home in Switzerland. However, her desire to be in Europe has not been welcomed by all of her friends and family members. In 2018, the singer’s son said that his mother had deserted her children in the United States so that she could move in with her younger spouse.

Tina Turner, who was born in the United States but raised in Switzerland, is without a doubt one of the most successful musicians of all time. With a career in the entertainment business that spans over sixty years, the legend has enthralled her admirers with her magnificent voice and electric performance throughout the course of her long and successful career.

Tina is a celebrity in the entertainment industry, but she is so much more than that. In addition to her career as an actress, she is also a wife and the mother of four children: Ike Turner Jr., Michael Turner, Ronnie Turner, and her son Craig Turner, who passed away. In 1958, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Craig, with the saxophonist Raymond Hill.

Tina had just turned 18 years old at that point in time. Even though the two were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents, their joy was not enough to save their relationship from disintegrating not long after the birth of their child.

After that, in the year 1960, the singer once again discovered love when she fell into the arms of the late American musician and record producer Ike Turner. During the same year, Turner and Ike Sr. became parents for the first time to a son they named Ronnie.

After a period of separation of two years, the exes eventually got married. Tina adopted Ike Srtwo .’s children, Ike Jr. and Michael, from his previous marriage to Lorraine Taylor, not long after that, while the record producer adopted Craig.

They were able to start a joyful family of six once they all came together. Tina became a single parent to her four children when the couple’s marriage came to an end in 1978, therefore she was unable to enjoy the enjoyment for as long as it lasted.

A few years later, the star of “Last Action Hero” would eventually speak publicly about her experiences as a parent, particularly in regard to Ronnie. Tina disclosed the following information in an interview with TV Week in 1989:

“Ike gave me those children but did not provide me with any financial support to care for them. I was left to attempt to take care of both his and my children by myself. In response to the allegations that I am a negligent mother to Ronnie, I would like to point out that he attended expensive private schools, received allowances, and received every other perk that one can provide for a child.”

In continuation of her discussion on Ronnie, the singer who has won a Grammy award explained: “I keep an eye on him, and when he’s at his lowest point, I make a contribution; however, after that, I pull back. I’m not going to act as a financial institution for a guy who is almost 30 years old. I backed Ronnie far into his 20s, but my contributions to him have now been discontinued. I will continue to be there for the guys, but I won’t let them take advantage of me.”

Tina has been in the news for a variety of reasons during the course of her life. One of these reasons is the difficult connection that she has maintained with her children, particularly Ronnie.

After Ronnie made a startling assertion in an interview back in April of 2018, the name of the singer was once again on the lips of many people. The words of the singer’s son are as follows:

“Tina was my primary caregiver from the time I was a toddler. She is the only mother I’ve ever known and I grew up with her. However, I haven’t spoken to my mother since God only knows when — most likely somewhere around the year 2000. I don’t believe any of my brothers have spoken to her in a very long time, and I don’t think any of them have in a very long time.”

In addition, the actor said that Tina had severed all contact with her children and was now residing in another location with her partner. The following is what Ronnie says: “My mum is now traveling around Europe with her new spouse and has just been remarried. She doesn’t want the past to have any influence on her life in any way.”

In spite of the fact that Tina is not present, it seems as if the singer’s boys are doing just well. Ike Jr. has admitted that the family benefits financially through a trust fund.

He also said that Craig was involved in the real estate business at the time, while Ronnie was known to be in fantastic health and to be a contentedly married man. Michael was, sadly, in need of medical help and was recovering at a convalescent facility.

Ike Jr. further let it be known that despite Michael’s health, Tina never visited him but often gave him money. In the meanwhile, the actress may be seen leading a happy life in Switzerland with her second husband, Erwin Bach, who is a music producer.

In 2013, the couple went to a registrar office in Zurich to officially tie the knot. Before getting married, the pair had previously been together for almost 20 years and had been living in the breathtaking country.

Tina said that going to Switzerland had always been a goal of hers, so when Bach was offered a job in that country, she was overjoyed and decided to accompany him there. The singer ultimately became a citizen of Switzerland in the beginning of 2013, after having made Switzerland her permanent home for a number of years.

After that, in September of 2021, the charming couple increased the size of their portfolio in Switzerland by investing a stunning $76 million in the purchase of 10 new beachfront homes. Tina and Bach had intended to utilize the property, which is approximately 240,000 square feet in size, as a “weekend hideaway.”

After going through an unhealthy relationship in the past, it is wonderful to see Tina thriving in her marriage to her partner, especially given that she was in a toxic relationship in the past. The fact that the pair is head over heels in love has been shown several times.

In April of 2017, Bach demonstrated his love for Tina by offering to give one of his kidneys to the singer when she was suffering from intestinal cancer and a stroke. During this time, Tina was also recovering from a stroke. In the end, both of them decided to have surgical procedures done, and the procedures were successful.

Tina’s health had, up until this point, seemed to be in good shape. Despite this, she continues to take immunosuppressants so that she can be certain her body will not reject Bach’s kidney.

Tina Turner’s Children and Their Lives

When Tina’s eldest son, Craig, passed away by suicide in 2018, she was thrust into one of the most difficult periods of her life. The singer claimed that it was even more sad for her since she did not know what it was that had drove her kid to the brink of insanity. It was awful for the artist.

Tina said that Craig had just gained a girlfriend and a career in real estate, so she could not understand why her son would take his own life at such a happy time in his life.

Tina eventually disclosed her beliefs on the key contributing factor in Craig’s decision to take his own life during an interview that took place in June of 2019.

Nevertheless, she firmly believed that her kid was at peace and in a wonderful place. On July 19, 2018, she gathered her family and friends and dispersed her late husband Craig’s ashes off the coast of California as her final act of farewell to him. Tina reflected that it was the worst day of her life as a mother on that particular day.

The famous actress is also the mother of three other children. Ronnie was born in 1960, and he followed in the footsteps of both of his parents by pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

He has performed songs with both of his parents and appeared in the movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It” with his mother in the 1990s. In the meanwhile, Ike Jr. is doing really well in his profession as a musician. He has published several songs and introduced his band, which is called The Love Thang.

On the other hand, due to the fact that he avoids the limelight, not a lot of information is known about Michael. Tina is a loving grandma to her two grandkids in addition to being a devoted mother to her own children.

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