VIDEO: When the little girl said that she was going to perform Celine Dion, Simon Cowell’s eyes were raised, and then this happened…

VIDEO: When the little girl said that she was going to perform Celine Dion, Simon Cowell’s eyes were raised, and then this happened…

Simon Cowell is known for being a demanding and opinionated judge on several high-profile talent shows and contests. In addition to that, he is quite good at recognizing true ability. Celine Tam, a talented little girl who is only nine years old, soon pulled the crowd to its feet and caught Simon’s attention, despite the fact that Simon’s first impression of her was not very outstanding.

Celine Dion was one of her favorite singers, so it was only fitting that she name her daughter Celine Tam after her. Many individuals who try to play songs made famous by Celine Dion on shows such as America’s Got Talent fall well short of the level of musical talent possessed by the great vocalist.

On the other hand, young Celine Tam demonstrated almost as soon as she stepped foot on stage that she was capable of playing the songs made famous by the renowned Celine Dion.

She made the decision to sing “My Heart Will Go On,” which was one of the first songs by Celine Dion that her parents had ever seen her singing in public. Her parents made no secret of the fact that they were devoted followers of Celine Dion and that the singer was the inspiration for their choice to name their baby after her.

They did not anticipate that their little Celine would have the same level of musical skill as Dion. They eventually recognized and supported their daughter’s voice gift as it developed over time. After devoting her whole life to perfecting her craft and investing all of her time, energy, and money into it, Celine Tam was rewarded with the chance to perform on America’s Got Talent and show off her extraordinary talents.

The minute the young woman started performing this Celine Dion song in front of an audience, the spectators immediately noticed her talent and rose to acclaim her. After seeing her performance, it was clear that the judges were blown away by her abilities.

Celine Tam did an incredible job singing a song that was really challenging. Her tone was beautiful and commanding, despite the fact that it was clear and unwavering.

This family continues to look forward to spending time together by singing along to Celine Dion songs. It should not come as a surprise that the couple decided to name Celine’s little sister Dionne after themselves. It is too soon to tell whether or not little Dionne will have the same vocal ability that her elder sister had when they were both younger.

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