VIDEO: When Simon hears the first note of the church song the girl is singing a cappella, he takes back what he said about how courageous she is…

VIDEO: When Simon hears the first note of the church song the girl is singing a cappella, he takes back what he said about how courageous she is…

When a contestant on “The X-Factor” steps on stage to audition, the panel of judges is never prepared for what they will see or hear. And Chloe Paige was the last person on their list of anticipated guests.

Chloe Paige is a funny and feisty blonde who shot to fame after competing on the twelfth season of The X-Factor UK. Her performance on the show pushed her into the public eye.

The stunning blonde market vendor from Brighton, England, told the judges that she was “so pleased” to be there as she strutted onto the stage wearing an off-the-shoulder crop top and a waist-hugging miniskirt. She was wearing the outfit. During the pre-audition interview, she discussed several aspects of her background and personality.

“I come from a family with quite a musical background. My mother has a large number of brothers and sisters, and several of my mother’s sisters are talented singers.

We are a family that looks out for one another and supports one another. Her mother said that Chloe’s grandpa was the one who sparked her interest in singing; he taught her to sing when she was small and promised her, “One day, we’ll go to X-Factor when you grow up,” when she was an adult.

Chloe wowed the panel of judges with her impressive vocal abilities when she sang Katy B’s “Crying for No Reason,” which eventually resulted in her earning a seat in the competition.

Chloe was informed by Judge Rita Ora that she did not want her to continue singing. Another person said to her, “I don’t know how someone your age feigns something so profound like that, you sang from your soul.” You are great.”

Nobody had any idea that she was only getting warmed up…

Chloe stepped out onto the stage during the “Six Chair Challenge” round of the competition, and she informed the judges that she would be singing “Amazing Grace” in an unaccompanied fashion. As soon as the gorgeous blonde approached, Simon expressed his skepticism, telling her that she was a daring girl. However, by the time she had finished the stunning performance, she had shown that she was a vocal powerhouse that could not be ignored.

The judges’ expressions do not change as they take everything in throughout the first stanza, making it difficult to deduce what thoughts are going through their heads. The audience begins to shout, though, as Chloe begins the second stanza of the song.

The more lines Chloe speaks, the stronger her voice becomes, and her voice is a reflection of every aspect of her being. At one point, one of the other contestants seemed to be a little concerned about Rita Ora, who appears to have been surprised by Chloe’s performance and has fallen back into her seat.

After Chloe had finished performing, Simon said to her, “What you did there was you gave a performance that not only, I believe, makes you earn a seat, but it merits you potentially a position in the finals.” Chloe was quite surprised by this comment. Another judge, Nick Grimshaw, spoke for the whole globe when he told Chloe Paige, “To be honest, I don’t remember Chloe Paige—but after that performance, I will never forget you again.”

Chloe was eliminated later in the competition by Rita Ora in favor of Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, and Laurent Murray; yet, her astounding performance is still the young singer’s actual claim to fame and continues to be her primary source of notoriety.

Watch below as Chloe captivates the panel of judges with her stunning performance.

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