The incredibly talented girl performed the song “I feel good” and the audience started to dance immediately… Watch the video below…

The incredibly talented girl performed the song “I feel good” and the audience started to dance immediately… Watch the video below…

She is really cute in every way.

The most charming moments of any competition event occur when little children in gorgeous costumes are on the stage. When these young children really possess incredible skills, it makes the whole thing that much more enjoyable to see. The majority of the time, they perform covers of well-known songs, and everyone is blown away by them. One little girl from Russia became famous after competing in the children’s version of “The Voice,” which took place in Russia.

The song “I Got You (I Feel Good)” is one of Agnia Andreeva’s favorites.

James Brown was the one who brought this timeless power hymn to the forefront of popular culture. This song has struck a chord with people all across the world ever since it was first released in 1965. It’s reached such a level of popularity that even young girls in Russia are familiar with it and eager to show off their skills in front of millions of people watching them on TV.

When Agnia, who is just a child, reaches the stage, she absolutely steals the show.

Agnia immediately establishes a rock and roll atmosphere from the very first note of the song. She starts off her act by letting out a howl that is befitting of a queen, and the judges are completely won over and surprised by her performance.

At the conclusion of the second verse, she demonstrates that not only does she have star power, but she also has the vocal skills to go along with it. This proves that she not only has star power but that she also has vocal chops. She has a powerful voice and can sustain a note for an impressively long period of time.

Because children of her age often do not have the full lung capacity that older people have, her loud singing comes as somewhat of a surprise. This makes it all the more astounding.

Listening to her was the most enjoyable experience of the judges’ life.

The judges are up and moving about in their chairs the whole time she is performing.

The song “I Got You (I Feel Good)” is a timeless classic that is adored by people from all over the globe, and it is particularly endearing to hear a little child sing it.

The first judge quickly spins around to face the other judges.

When a judge turns their chair around to face you during an episode of “The Voice,” it indicates that they are impressed by your performance and will cast their vote for you. Shortly after that, the subsequent judge does the same thing. In the end, all three of the judges decide that they should side with her.

Agnia is overcome with emotion after receiving encouragement from the public as well as the judges.

Agnia loses her cockiness and her rock star status after her performance, becoming the same as any other youngster or adult. She seems stunned and covers her mouth with her palm as she reacts to the overwhelming show of support.

Even though the crowd is continuing to applaud and yell for her, she just stands there seeming a bit bewildered about what she should be doing with herself.

It is safe to say that this is a precarious circumstance.

Agnia stays on stage for a little while longer when the ovation keeps silent so that she may continue her conversation with the judges. They interrogate her on a wide range of topics. At the conclusion of their discussion, one of the judges walks up to her and gives her a bear hug. She goes so far as to give her a peck on the cheek!

Her performance blows everyone away, and her kind demeanor undoubtedly won over some people’s affections.

After she is through with her audition, she heads backstage to be with her family, who had been observing the whole event. They seem to be rather pleased with herself.

The greatest thing is that after displaying such remarkable skill and building a following, Agnia seems to have had a great time and is happy with herself. This is a win-win situation.

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