The first dancing performance of a little girl goes so crazy that it garners 10 million views… Watch the video below…

The first dancing performance of a little girl goes so crazy that it garners 10 million views… Watch the video below…

The young girl who was trying to help her stand up is simply too adorable and hilarious to watch, and I can’t get enough of it.
The performance has to go on.

Even for these toddlers who are dressed in extremely adorable pastel pink clothes. Although there are a total of six of them, only five of them participated in the routine. The final child of this age group was having none of it.

The daughter of Melissa L. Potts decided to throw a fit on stage by lying down and throwing herself to the ground. We all have our bad days, and the daughter of Melissa L. Potts is no exception.

The poor youngster was having a rough time of it today.

You have to understand that the aspiration of every little girl to one day become a princess is universal. The vast majority of them fantasize of donning a tutu, dancing the ballet, and living in a world straight out of a fairy tale where there is music, magic, and attractive princes riding horses.

But Melissa’s daughter could care less. At this moment, she would have fought a dragon with her fists if she had encountered one. Over the sound of the music, the little girl can be heard sobbing, and her buddy was moved to try to console her.

She was still not having any of it.

No one is sure what set her off, but we are all familiar with the way that toddlers deal with their feelings.

They can’t properly understand their emotions just yet, so they cope with them in the only way they know how to: by acting out.

via the use of temper outbursts and tears.

In addition to that, she is exhibiting signs of terrible twos.

Tantrums from toddlers may be quite irritating, particularly when they occur in public. It is necessary for the parents, as well as everyone else in the area, to have a great deal of understanding and patience.

Parenting For The Brain refers to it in this manner.

“A temper tantrum is an explosive storm of emotions, such as extreme wrath, loss, disappointment, and profound dissatisfaction,” This emotional outburst in toddlers between the ages of 1 and 2 may result in behaviors such as sobbing, writhing, screaming fits, stomping, striking the parents, falling down, kicking, biting, throwing items, bashing the head, or holding their breath.

If only we grownups were capable of doing the same when we’re having a terrible day.

The situation is exactly the same with Melissa’s kid. It’s possible that she was already exhausted or hungry when she took the stage for that performance. After all, is said and done, nobody enjoys being coerced into embarrassing circumstances.

The only thing we can do is conjecture.

However, she does have a buddy who is really kind. Do you see the little girl standing next to her?

The kind dancer glances over and tries to reach out to the other dancer who is sobbing, but she ultimately turns away and shrugs her shoulders. At that point, there wasn’t much more she could do.

Toddlers do not have the cognitive capacity to think or manipulate. Because of this, whenever they are irritated, they have these inexplicable meltdowns.

Indistinguishable from a stressed-out adult. On the other hand, we don’t have to sob helplessly on the floor since we can go out to bars instead. Having said that, it is not at all inappropriate to lose control and weep.

The five are left carrying on with the dance, despite their sixth member’s continued unhappiness due to something only she is aware of. Aw, poor little Potts, exposing herself like that in front of all those laughing onlookers.

This performance was also a Christmas dance recital.

Oh my, I’m very sorry, but I really do hope she gets some wonderful things that year. And regardless of how things turn out, she will always be a gorgeous little princess. It’s quite normal to lose your cool every once in a while. Bring the milk to the table!

Below is a video of an adorable breakdown that was caused by this little dancer.


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