On the “Today” show, Jill Biden denounced book bans as un-American and discussed the possibility of her husband running for reelection in 2024…

On the “Today” show, Jill Biden denounced book bans as un-American and discussed the possibility of her husband running for reelection in 2024…

Dr. Jill Biden, one of the most well-known educators in the world, is giving a talk in which she discusses the difficulties that schools all around the country are having to deal with.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Today program, Vice President Joe Biden discussed the global teacher shortage with NBC News reporter Sheinelle Jones. In their conversation, Biden said that the education profession is becoming older and that it is critical to motivating future instructors.

“What we need to do today is encourage younger individuals to come into the field, and we also need to promote teachers of color,” the first lady, who is 71 years old, stated. We can’t get enough people of color in teaching positions.”

Jones referred to a federal investigation that found that since the beginning of the COVID-19 program, kids’ math and reading scores have significantly decreased, which has had a disproportionately negative impact on Black pupils. Vice President Joe Biden has expressed the expectation that the funding for educational initiatives that would be given by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan will help reduce the achievement gap.

On Monday, the first lady, together with Jones, 44, and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, 47, went to an elementary school in Knoxville, Tennessee, to spread a little bit of that encouragement and remind teachers of the crucial job they are doing. She also remodeled their teacher’s lounge with the help of Pinterest so that the teachers would have a place that was more suited to recharging their batteries as a reward for sticking with it. This was her way of showing appreciation to the teachers for their perseverance.

During the earlier portion of her interview, she encouraged any teachers who are going through burnout to “remain with us.” This was her message to the whole teaching community.

“We need you,” Biden remarked. It’s true that some days are better than others, but in general, there’s no other job quite like it.

Teachers are not only experiencing burnout but they are also being pressured by political groups to make changes to their curricula. In some regions, teachers are required to remove conversations about racism and LGBTQ+, and they are only allowed to use textbooks and assign readings that adhere to the requirements. In a similar vein, more and more books are being deleted from public libraries in an effort to limit the exposure that younger readers have to subject matter that is judged “inappropriate.”

“It is recommended that every book be kept in the library. All of the volumes, “Biden said in a commanding manner. “This is the United States of America; we do not censor literature.”

The interview with Biden for Today takes place only a few days before she travels to the United Kingdom to pay her respects at the burial of Queen Elizabeth II, and it comes in the midst of continuing discussions over the political future of her husband.

When asked whether she has discussed a possible reelection campaign with Vice President Joe Biden in 2024, she said, “Not yet, we’ve been a bit too busy.” However, she did add that she is “confident it will be a talk” at some time in the near future.

Even while she acknowledges that being on the campaign road is “taxing,” it seems that she is on board with President Biden’s bid for a second term in office.

“Take a look at what Joe has accomplished,” she remarked. Because he has kept his word and done what he said he would do, I believe that all he has to do now is go on.

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