Nicolas Cage gave his late father’s name to his newborn daughter, and he honored him by having a small wedding with the “right” wife…

Nicolas Cage gave his late father’s name to his newborn daughter, and he honored him by having a small wedding with the “right” wife…

Actor Nicolas Cage purchased a mausoleum for himself soon after the passing of his own father, in anticipation of his own eventual burial. Years later, after the dissolution of his fourth marriage, which lasted for a total of four days, he went to the location of his eventual grave with an unknown lady. The actor, who was 56 when he finally found love, just just became a father for the third time and named his daughter after his late father.

Nicolas Cage, who plays a father in the movie “Mom and Parent,” is the newest dad in town! Cage, 58, and his wife had their first child together on September 7, in Los Angeles. This is the couple’s first child.

Cage and his wife have welcomed their first child together, a son who they have named after the actor’s own father. This is the third kid for Cage. Cage is also the father of two kids, one named Weston, who he has with his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton, and another named Kal-El, who he shares with his third wife, Alice Kim.

The actor and his wife have paid respect to the actor’s father on several occasions, so naming their child after August Coppola, who was an educator, novelist, film executive, and supporter for the arts, is a wonderful honor. However, this will not be the first time they have done so.

After the passing of his father, Cage went out and purchased a tomb for himself.

When Cage’s father passed away in 2009 following a heart attack at the age of 75, he was left in a state of utter devastation. The actor was planning on attending the screening of his film “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” just a few days after the funeral for his father, which took place a few days after that.

In spite of this, he chose to take some time off in order to spend it grieving over the loss of his father, so he canceled all of his work and refused to make any public appearances.

Cage’s decision to purchase a tomb for his own burial one year after the dea’th of his father astonished everyone. His father had passed away the previous year. The pyramid-shaped monument, which stands at a height of nine feet and has the Latin inscription “omnia ab uno,” which may be translated as “Everything From One,” can be found in New Orleans’ oldest cemetery, which is known as St. Louis 1.

Since its erection, the mausoleum has been visited by a large number of people, many of whom kiss the structure with a bright red lipstick to leave their imprint. Cage paid a morbid return to the location ten years after he had the tomb constructed, and he was joined on the trip by a lady of unknown identity.

As they exited the cemetery and entered the awaiting car, the actor and his buddy looked to be quite close to one another and clasped hands. After separating from his fourth wife the previous year, Cage would not be seen in public with a woman until the incident in 2020. This would be the first time since his divorce from his fourth wife.

It was quite upsetting for the actor to find out that his ex-wife, the owner of a restaurant, Erica Koike, had kept having sexual contact with another person after they had married. As a result, the marriage between Cage and Koike was quickly dissolved.

Only a few hours after being married, the couple was seen bickering outside of Bellagio, and only four days after that, they decided to have their marriage annulled. The divorce was finalized in July of 2020, which was three months after the couple had exchanged vows. However, this would not be the first time that Cage had terminated things with an ex-partner under such difficult circumstances.

Cage had ended his marriage to his third wife, Alice Kim, who was the mother of his son, Kal-El, prior to marrying his fourth wife, Koike. Alice Kim was the mother of Cage’s son. Cage and Kim went their own ways in 2016, shortly after Cage found out that Kim had been having an affair with a bartender in Las Vegas.

The lady who accompanied him to his grave was a mystery at first, but it turned out to be Riko Shibata, the woman he would later marry. She was with him when he visited his tomb.

Cage Discovered Love with Riko Shibata, Who Was 31 Years His Junior

Although it would be normal for someone to be apprehensive about finding love after four unsuccessful marriages, Cage is not one of those people. Cage quickly fell in love with Shibata after the dissolution of his fourth marriage.

When Cage and Shibata first met in Shiga, Japan in the year 2020, they were immediately drawn to one another. In August of 2021, the actor shared the news that he had popped the question to her during an appearance on the radio program hosted by his brother Marc Coppola.

He let it be known that Shibata had left New York and returned to Japan, and that the two of them had not seen each other in the intervening six months. Cage knew that they were both looking forward to spending time with one another, so he popped the question when they were talking on Facetime. He explained:

“I purchased her a black diamond engagement ring. Her go-to shade is black, which is why she requested both the black gold and the black diamond.”

Shibata brought the actor a level of happiness he had never experienced before, and he could not wait to wed her. The ceremony took place at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Sin City on February 20, 2021, and just a few close friends and family members were in attendance.

Cage attended the wedding dressed in a black Tom Ford tuxedo with a yellow rose buttonhole to match Shibata’s bouquet. The bride wore a handmade black Japanese bridal kimono. Shibata carried a yellow rose bouquet.

Cage’s birthday and the date of his wedding fell on the same day, therefore the wedding day was not only important to him, but it also had a special emotional significance for him.

Cage’s former wife Alice was one of the people he invited to the small, private ceremony. Years after the couple had divorced, the two remained friendly and had a cooperative arrangement for raising their children together. Additionally present was the couple’s kid.

Joy Following the Wedding, as Well as the Arrival of Their Newborn
After a lovely wedding ceremony in February 2021, the pair began their lives together as a married couple, and Cage eventually shared with Shibata that he believed his marriage to her was the right choice for him. He explained:

“I know, five is a lot, but I believe I got it right this time,” the speaker said.

“That is to say, we won’t let this happen again. This is the end. This is the end.” He was contemplative. The actor spent years looking for the lady who would make his heart sing, but he was ultimately successful in his quest. In spite of the fact that he is still a doting father to his two elder children, he has been giving thanks for all of his blessings.

The actor couldn’t contain his excitement when he and his wife found out they were going to become parents for the first time, as if that was not already enough reason to rejoice.

The happy news was announced in January by a representative for the couple, and it was especially thrilling for Cage since their child would be his first female. In April, when appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor shared the news that they had decided to honor the actor’s late father by naming their kid Lennon August.

Cage, who was already the father of two sons, expressed his excitement at the prospect of being a parent for the third time, stating that it would be the most exciting experience of his life. “I can hardly contain my excitement. All three of my sons are now adults.” He said. “I’m looking forward to getting to do the things that I used to like, like going to the toy shop and singing lullabies in the rocking rocker.

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