Cher’s fans discussed gray hair despite the fact that “everyone” is embraced, and Kelly Ripa supported Cher’s opinion on the topic… Learn more below…

Cher’s fans discussed gray hair despite the fact that “everyone” is embraced, and Kelly Ripa supported Cher’s opinion on the topic… Learn more below…

Cher, the singer, and Kelly Ripa, the presenter of a television program, are both determined that they would never reveal their gray hair, despite the fact that everyone else around them seems to have embraced the trend. The discussion over whether or not to accept gray hair is still continuing. The sentiments of fans were split down the middle, with some vehemently supporting what Ripa and Cher had to say while others flatly disagreeing with them.

Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, is known as a singer, actress, and TV personality. Her career has spanned more than five decades, garnering her the moniker of “Goddess of Pop” and earning her recognition for symbolizing female autonomy in an industry that is controlled by men.

She became one of the most famous couples of the 20th century when she and the renowned musician Sonny Bono sang the song “I Got You Babe” to one other in 1965. This event brought her to the public’s attention.

Following the dissolution of their relationship, Cher established herself as a serious and subtle performer in the independent drama “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean,” which was followed by a plethora of other iconic films.

She is successful in all aspects of her life, including having a flourishing profession and a vibrant love life; nevertheless, the one thing she has never completely accepted is the fact that she is getting older. She let it go during a conversation she was having with the Guardian about how much she despised getting older. She revealed that

“What, I’m going to say I enjoy [aging]? No, I don’t. If she is being truthful, any woman will admit that it is not nearly as much fun.

At the age of 76, she said that her advanced years were making it difficult for her to maintain the same lifestyle she had in the past. She went on to say that she used to be able to work two performances a night and then dance for the whole of the night, but it is no longer feasible for her.

She acknowledged that despite the fact that she is not one to be afraid of making daring fashion and beauty moves, the one trend that she would never follow is letting her hair grow gray.

Cher claims that her characteristic jet-black tresses are here to stay for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that several actors experimented with their gray-hair natural style throughout the epidemic. She says to People…

“It’s perfectly OK for other females to let their hair gray, but not for me!”

During the height of the epidemic, “The Stand In” actress Kelly Ripa was one of the first celebrities to publicly adopt the gray natural hairstyle. As the virus spread and individuals were forced to withdraw from their social circles, the following closure of all companies that were not vital made it almost difficult to visit a salon for any touch-ups.

Ripa, who co-hosts the program “Live with Kelly and Ryan” with Ryan Seacrest, has been chronicling her hair journey and the challenges she has with it in a weekly series that she calls “root watch.” These posts are often made to Ripa’s Instagram Stories. She would post close-ups of her contrasted blonde strands, frequently making light of the fact that her head was becoming grayer.

Later, on her program, which included her husband of 23 years, Mark Consuelos, as a guest presenter, she made light of the gray hair predicament. It turned out that Consuelos was a supporter of the natural style and enjoyed the gray hair that his wife had. He gushed about his wife, saying things like:

“I’ve got to be honest with you, I see you in the morning, and I think it looks wonderful. I enjoy it. I’m looking forward to when it’s just utterly gloomy outside.”

Ripa said around the same time that her graying hair was causing a change in the texture of her hair. During a conversation with Seacrest, she revealed that gray hair was more wired than younger hair and had a tendency to stand up. She would employ hair clips as a defense mechanism against this by taming the unruly gray strands with their aid.

She said that she had sprayed her grays dark in order to make them blend in with the rest of her hair, to which Ryan Seacrest responded by stating that her hair was golden throughout and that he could not tell the difference. “That’s excellent. That is really impressive. Ripa snapped back, “It’s all part of my nefarious scheme to trick you.”

The moment Cher revealed the truth about her hair, it was as if a switch was thrown in her confidence level towards the sharing of her hair root journey with followers. In a subsequent interview, Ripa said that she had never intended to let her gray hairs grow out to the point where they would be visible to the public.

She is the first to acknowledge that she had always covered her roots with hair spray, and she shared the following confession with Ryan Seacrest on a recent edition of their popular morning show: “During the early days of the epidemic, I had accepted my gray hair secretly.” She continued by saying:

“While everyone was watching, I started painting my roots with brown makeup to give them a tint that wasn’t as white as Santa Claus,” she said.

She revealed that she agreed with Cher’s assessment of gray hair and said that, like Cher, she did not want to follow the current trend in which women are embracing their gray hair and that she needed to have her hair colored. She also said that the trend of women exhibiting their gray hair was not for her.

She did, however, urge other ladies to embrace their natural hair color if it was something they want to do, noting that she believed other women looked fantastic with it and that it was entirely up to the decision and preference of the person.

Fans came out in droves to show their support for #TeamCher and #TeamAntiGray when Ripa piggybacked Cher’s position on never letting her hair go gray and said that she was on “Team Cher” and “Team Anti-Gray.” On the other hand, many people disagreed with it.

The motion was backed by one response from @Kimberly Harris Martell, in which she said that she transitioned to natural hair two years ago and continues to like it. She said that as a consequence, not only did it save her a significant amount of money in salon expenses, but it also removed pollutants from her life.

Mary Lynn Best is another person who is supportive of growing gray; she has said that she thinks gray hair is lovely and that she lets hers do what it wants. And despite the fact that many people advocated for adopting a natural appearance, other people, like Cher and Ripa, said that they would want to conceal their gray hairs.

Jackie Gess expressed her agreement with Ripa and Cher, noting that she would never let her grays reach their natural state, particularly due to the difference in the hair’s texture. She said that having her hair dyed was one of her favorite ways to pamper herself since it helped her feel more confident in her appearance.

Another supporter, Sherrie Swilley-Stroup, was certain that she did not want her to have gray hair and said how much she detested the look of gray hair on her. This is what she wrote:

“It brings me down, and I will never allow it to reach its full potential.”

The fact that it is a matter of individual taste means that one is free to do anything they want with their hair, whether that be keeping it natural or dying it, and this is the aspect that has proven to be the most positive aspect of the gray hair debate.

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