Jamie Foxx sent a letter in which he promised to save his father’s life and invited his parents, who had abandoned him, to move live with him…

Jamie Foxx sent a letter in which he promised to save his father’s life and invited his parents, who had abandoned him, to move live with him…

Even though Jamie Foxx’s parents gave up on him when he was a child, he has never shown any resentment against them and has instead chosen to assist them financially after achieving fame.

Jamie Foxx had a difficult upbringing and was deprived of the affection of his parents, who abandoned him after their divorce. This left him feeling unloved and abandoned. The actor was only seven months old at the time, and he hardly recalled what it was like to have them around.

Thank goodness, his grandparents took him in, adopted him as one of their own, and brought him up in Terrell, Texas. His biological parents were in the neighborhood the whole time, but they never made any effort to claim him as their own or show him any affection appropriate for a parent.

Nevertheless, he learned what it was like to be loved by his grandparents as he grew up and spent time with them. Foxx once said that despite not having his parents around, he was never short of the affection of a mother and a father and that this was entirely down to the fact that his grandmother fulfilled both roles in his life without failing.

The famous actor freely acknowledges that his grandmother is responsible for all of his success in life. Not only did she lavish him with affection, but she also bolstered his self-assurance and inspired him to depend on his own skills.

He remembered that his grandmother, Estelle Marie, had signed him up for piano lessons when he was just five years old. She continued to encourage him to climb the numerous ladders until the icon achieved his goal of receiving a scholarship to study classical piano at the United States International University in San Diego.

Foxx’s grandma reminded him just before he set off on his own journey through life that the road would be the means by which he would earn his living. These comments educated him to the level that was necessary for him to become a successful young man.

During his time living with his grandmother, who has since passed away, Jamie Foxx picked up a number of valuable life lessons. Nevertheless, what he considered to be of the utmost significance was the instruction on the self-assurance that she instilled in him via the affection that she and Foxx’s grandpa showed to him.

Unfortunately, the “Ray” star’s grandma passed away in October of 2004, several years after his grandfather had passed away. Alzheimer’s disease took the life of Estelle, who was 95 years old at the time.

The legendary actor paid tribute to his late grandmother four months after her passing by devoting his Oscar victory in 2004 to her resilience, bravery, and compassionate care in front of millions of spectators.

Even after all these years, Foxx continues to look up to his late grandma as a model. The same cannot be said of his real mother, who did not provide for him despite the fact that she lived close to where his grandma did.

Admittedly, he spent years pining for his mother’s presence at Christmas and school gatherings since she was attractive and had a wonderful sense of a dress that reflected a “city-girl.” This was especially true during the years when he was in elementary school.

On the other hand, despite his respect for her, he never idolized her in the same way that he adored his grandparents. His connection with his mother, Louise Talley Dixon, was already tight, but it became much more strained when he learned that his mother would ultimately have a daughter and choose to care for her instead of him. He was left behind.

The celebrity claims that to this day, he has not reconciled his relationship with his sister as a direct consequence of the incident. Foxx’s father, who also resided in the area and was only around 28 miles away from his grandparents’ house, never made an effort to check up on him, much as his mother did.

The actor was under the impression that his father had chosen to isolate him because of their disparate religious beliefs. These rumors were eventually proven true when his father said that Foxx’s father could not be his father since Foxx’s father was a Muslim and his father was not.

After many years had passed, he finally had the opportunity to face his father about the decisions that had tormented him for so many years. Foxx was able to recall:

“During our last talk, which took place just before my grandmother passed away, I told her, “Listen, I understand practicing your faith.” But ask yourself, ‘Is it really worth it to you to miss out on your son’s life?’”

When asked how the loss of his parents impacted him, the singer stated that it did not leave a hole in his heart since he was never exposed to their individual identities. For him, the most important thing in the world was knowing that the two people who had reared him loved and cared for him sincerely in return.

Darrell Bishop, the father of Jamie Foxx, was arrested at some point in his life for being in possession of illicit narcotics worth $25. He served time in prison. Because of this, he was sentenced to seven years in jail.

Foxx acknowledged that he did not pay a single visit to his father while the latter was serving his sentence in prison. According to him, he never enjoyed going to prison, and he certainly did not want to tarnish the picture of his father that he had in his head of him as a “king.”

Instead of going to see him in prison, he sent him a letter in which he apologized for not being able to visit and informed him that he had grown into a successful man. But he also made a solemn vow to do all in his power to save his father’s life whenever he was freed from prison.

Foxx made good on his promise to let his father live with him once he was released from prison, despite the fact that their relationship had been difficult in the past. Over the course of twenty years, the two had shared a house together.

It’s interesting to note that the actor from “Just Mercy” also made a reservation for his mother. He once admitted in front of everyone that he had given her some assistance, which eventually led to the two of them living together. He divulged:

“I used to constantly give her a ticket to come and visit, and about a decade and a half ago, she finally took me up on the offer and came for the holiday. After the new year, her birthday was in January, and then suddenly it was February, and she still hadn’t gone, everyone was surprised.”

Even now, several years later, Dixon has not moved out of her son’s home; she and her ex-husband continue to share the same roof. The couple maintains separate lives but keeps an eye on one another and supports one another in their romantic relationships with others.

The Oscar winner doesn’t appear to mind living in such an unusual environment, despite the fact that he has painful memories of his childhood spent apart from them. He felt satisfied in the knowledge that he was able to assist them in some little manner while still preserving the unity of his family. Foxx, who is a parent of two children, has referred to his residence as a “weirdly joyful household.” Up to this point, he has established a wonderful bond with his mother.

In 2021, on the occasion of her birthday, the father of two children paid homage to her on Instagram by posting various photographs of them having a fantastic time together. He also acknowledged loving his mum with all his heart, characterizing her as the lady who created him.

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