Days after her divorce was announced, Danielle Ruhl of “Love Is Blind” talks about “Raw” with Nick Thompson…

Days after her divorce was announced, Danielle Ruhl of “Love Is Blind” talks about “Raw” with Nick Thompson…

Danielle Ruhl, who stars in the Netflix series Love Is Blind, is talking up about life following her divorce from husband Nick Thompson.

The reality actress, who had previously claimed that she had met her husband on the second season of the dating series available on Netflix, said that there was no one event that specifically prompted her to file for divorce in August.

In an interview with E! News, Danielle said that “everyone’s seeking some type of huge narrative when that wasn’t really the case.” “Because the feelings were and still are so fresh, it was first difficult to talk about it. This difficulty persists today. However, the plot itself isn’t all that engaging to begin with. Only two individuals arrived at the conclusion that it was in everyone’s best interest to part ways.”

“There was no major disaster that had taken place,” she went on to say. “And in addition to that, a lot of people had the misconception that there was going to be some kind of incentive for the couples to remain together for the whole year, but in reality, there wasn’t.”

“We didn’t remain together for a year because it was fake—we honestly love each other, and that’s why this split was very painful, and that’s why it’s taken us so long to speak about it,” Danielle, who is 29 years old, stated that she and Nick were not “faking anything” for the program. “But once again, like it or not, you have to take into consideration the reality that it happened quite some time ago.”

She is of the opinion that viewers did not get the whole story when they watched the After the Altar special, which made its debut in the middle of September, not long after the news of their breakup was made public.

“The one thing that I get questioned about the most is like, ‘Oh, you guys appear so wonderful during After the Altar,’” she added. “That’s the one thing that stands out to me.” “However, I believe it’s equally crucial to keep in mind that the shoot took place in March. Even though we were together [until] March, this does not indicate that we did not face any challenges in the months preceding up to the time when we made the decision to stop our relationship. In fact, this is not the case.”

Danielle said that it was difficult for her to watch the program in the aftermath of the separation between her and Nick.

“Obviously, breakups are difficult,” she admitted to me. “It is inevitable that they will be challenging. It’s been a really tough period, and then there was the rewatching. After the Altar only provides an extra emotional facet to the mix of things to consider. There will be good times and bad. You must just go with the flow of things.”

Danielle continued to refer to Nick as “a fantastic person” even after the two of them had broken up. “Even if things didn’t turn out the way that we had anticipated, I would still want to remain friends with you in the future,” she added.

“I think it’s a little bit raw right now,” she continued. “I think it’s a little bit rough.” “So, it’s sort of challenging, because we went through something that no one else in the world has ever gone through before,”

Regarding the prospect of meeting a new significant other, Danielle has said that she is not yet prepared to enter the dating scene, elaborating, “I don’t believe I’ll be ready to start dating for quite some time. It takes a very long time for me to get over other individuals. The legal proceedings for our divorce are still ongoing. Dating is not on my agenda for the foreseeable future at this time.”

The exes broke their silence about the breakup by posting on Instagram at the beginning of this month.

In part of her letter, Danielle said, “The future looks bright, and I’m hoping that my next chapter will be the finest one yet.” “Nick is someone I will always care for, and I value the time we spent together. The advice of a wise lady was to choose yourself.”

Nick revealed to us that he was “”heartbroken” by the dissolution of their marriage, she said, “but I also know deep down that I did the best that I could and gave it all I had.” I have a positive outlook on things to come.”

According to documentation acquired by PEOPLE from the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois, Danielle submitted her petition for divorce there in the month of August. The breakup occurred during the same week when Iyanna McNeely and Jarette Jones, the only other married pair from Love Is Blind’s second season, revealed that they were divorcing each other.

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