While his father granted permission to babysit his grandchild, James Brolin’s son amuses himself with his daughter in a carrier…

While his father granted permission to babysit his grandchild, James Brolin’s son amuses himself with his daughter in a carrier…

Josh Brolin, the eldest son of James Brolin, just became a father for the first time to two children. Since then, Josh has been posting entertaining videos of himself doing fatherly duties.

James Brolin is a well-known actor in the United States, but when he became a parent for the first time, he suddenly put his life in Hollywood on pause.

On the set of “The Monroe’s in Wyoming,” where Brolin was working at the time, he was introduced to his first wife, Jane Cameron Agee. Due to the fact that Brolin and Agee were married in 1966, just a week and a half after their first meeting, there was an immediate bond between the two.

In 1968, they were blessed with the arrival of their first child, Josh; for Brolin, being a parent was a wonderful event. According to an old story that was published in Family Weekly’s publication, Brolin had spent as much time as he could getting ready to become a parent.

It was reported that the actor had recruited the assistance of a nurse from Santa Monica to be there at the delivery of the child.

On the other hand, the star of “Westworld” did not have much luck on his side when the nurse did not show up because she had to go to a funeral.

Despite this, Brolin rose to the occasion and dove headfirst into the world of his first kid, doing everything from changing diapers to making supper and taking care of the home. He was able to get pleasure from his lack of rest.

Despite the fact that they had another son named Jess, the couple decided to divorce after 17 years of marriage. In 1984, Brolin initiated divorce proceedings.

Brolin went on with his life and eventually tied the knot with actress Jan Smithers. Molly Elizabeth was welcomed into the world by her parents. Unfortunately, their marriage did not survive, but Brolin had more success the third time around.

The love of James Brolin’s life didn’t enter his life until he was in his 50s.

According to The Guardian, Brolin and Barbra Streisand first became acquainted via a mutual acquaintance. Streisand is Brolin’s third marriage. Before his buddy recommended that they set him up with Streisand, the actor said that the only times he had seen her were at a luncheon and the Academy Awards.

After Brolin and Streisand’s mutual acquaintance invited them to a dinner party, the two decided to meet up with each other. Before attending the party, the actor from “Lightyear” made the decision to get all of his hair chopped off.

According to the actor, who spoke to The Guardian about the encounter, Streisand was startled when she spotted him and said, “Who [messed up] your hair?” And Brolin stated that same moment was the one that made him realize he was in love with the actress.

Streisand and Brolin were married in 1998, exactly two years after their first meeting, which was a blind date. Because Josh Brolin, Brolin’s oldest son, became a first-time father and had a boy Trevor with his first wife, Alice Adair, Barbra Streisand became a stepmother as well as a stepgrandparent. Josh Brolin is also Barbra Streisand’s stepson.

In 1994, the couple became parents for the second time, this time to a girl whom they called Eden. But in 1996, Josh and Adair decided to end their relationship. Josh followed in his father’s footsteps by falling in love at a more mature age.

In 2013, Josh began working with the woman who would later become his wife, Kathryn Boyd. According to US Weekly, the pair made their announcement of their engagement in 2015, and they married the following year.

More over two decades later, Josh had another child and became a father.

Soon after the two of them tied the knot, Josh and Boyd were blessed with their first child together, a girl they named Westlyn.

The ecstatic new parent announced the wonderful news on Instagram, where Josh thanked everyone for their encouragement and referred to the birth of his daughter as a miracle.

In 2019, Brolin gave an interview in which he explained his son’s response to his becoming a parent for the second time after an absence of thirty years.

The actor said that Josh enthusiastically took on the role of parenthood and prioritized spending time with his kid above anything else.

Despite how busy he was, according to Brolin, his son spent three months exclusively caring for the newborn and changing diapers. Similar to his own father, Josh is a kind and attentive parent.

Regarding Brolin and Streisand, both of them have said how much they enjoy their roles as grandparents. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Brolin raved over his granddaughter and praised her stunning good looks.

He also claimed that they like having Westlyn around, who, according to Brolin, enjoys going swimming and eating dinner with him and his Grammy-winning singer wife, Streisand. He also said that Westlyn is a great cook.

When Brolin appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he was questioned once again about his grandchild. The host of the talk program inquired as to whether or not the grandpa would be watching the children.
In jest, Brolin said that he would be willing to babysit at the traditional rate of “two dollars an hour.” However, the grandpa disclosed to Closer Weekly that his wife becomes overcome with emotion whenever she is in the company of Westlyn.

The actor said that Streisand has a very strong relationship with her stepgranddaughter and disclosed that the two are always communicating via video calls.

Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd are Excited to Have Their Second Child

Josh and Boyd became parents to a second girl not long after they had finished celebrating the birth of their first child, Weslyn. As a result, Brolin and Streisand are now the grandparents of four children.

Josh has boasted on Instagram about how much he is loving his new role as a parent. He made his daughter giggle as she was being carried by him in a baby carrier, and he posted a video of the adorable moment on social media.

Josh has had a lot of special experiences with each of his children. Additionally, the actor saw his daughter’s wedding, and he took to Instagram to share his feelings on this momentous occasion.

The actor said how much he valued the opportunity to be there for such an important event in his daughter’s life and how much he treasured the pleasure of being able to attend.

The actor spoke about how emotional he became when he saw his daughter’s husband crying because of the expression on his face when he saw his daughter walk down the aisle during her wedding.

Brolin is overjoyed to be in a position where he can not only bring new life into the world but also see his elder children at various stages of their adult lives.

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