VIDEO: When Kelly Clarkson sings her story, she is unaware of the fact that she is causing Keith Urban to weep…

VIDEO: When Kelly Clarkson sings her story, she is unaware of the fact that she is causing Keith Urban to weep…

Kelly Clarkson is one of the few vocalists who can compete with her when it comes to her ability to imbue a song with an intense level of emotion and genuine passion. Her incredible musical skill is matched by the grace and elegance she exudes when performing.

When she speaks into the microphone, everyone in the room listens to what she has to say. It is very astounding to observe how she can use the power of her voice to inspire others to rise up and pay attention to what she is saying.

On the 2016 season of American Idol, all of the judges were enthralled by her performance, but Keith Urban’s reaction was the one that truly stood out and grabbed everyone’s attention. Continue reading to find out what he had to say about Kelly Clarkson’s live performance of her song “Piece by Piece.”

Kelly Clarkson shot to fame almost immediately after appearing on the first season of American Idol, which aired in 2002, marking a period of time that extends back more than a decade. She was an unassuming cocktail waitress from Texas who was 20 years old at the time and had a desire to sing, according to And as a result of Clarkson’s brilliant performance, she was successful and went on to become the very first winner of American Idol. The young performer’s career was given a boost by the triumph, which led to the signing of a recording contract for her. Since then, Clarkson has launched her own television show, sold millions of records, and been honored with a number of accolades.

In 2016, she made a return to the program for its next season in order to take the stage and play one of her own original songs. She took the stage when she was eight months pregnant, accompanied by her baby Remington Blackstock, and immediately captured the attention of the whole crowd.

Anyone who listens to Clarkson sing is certain to be utterly captivated.

As everyone waited with bated breath to hear her world-famous voice, the atmosphere in the gathering grew electric.

One of the judges for the singing competition, Keith Urban, shed a tear during one of Kelly Clarkson’s emotionally charged performances. His expression and the sheer wonder he felt as she sang were both clear indicators of the emotions he was experiencing. Clarkson pieced together her song based on her own life experiences by doing so one at a time.

According to Urban, Kelly Clarkson is not just the first winner of American Idol, but she is also an incredible vocalist. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Urban referred to Kelly Clarkson, who was serving as a guest judge for that season of the singing competition, as “really honest.” She does not have two different sides to her personality. She cannot change who she is. Even just being in its presence and taking in its beauty may be quite restorative.

Clarkson and Greg Kurstin are responsible for the song’s co-writing. It was plainly clear that the song wasn’t merely based on her experiences but was also profoundly personal to Clarkson and full of unfiltered passion. This was shown by the fact that the song was full of raw feeling.

The inspiration for the song apparently came to Clarkson when she was chatting with her sister, as reported by Huffington Post. The song drew a contrast between the women’s talk of how helpful their spouses are to them and their father’s abandonment of Clarkson and her family when she was only six years old, after the divorce of their mother. Their mother had divorced when Clarkson was just six years old. Clarkson’s marriage to her now-ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, as stated in the song’s lyrics, “restored confidence that a guy may be nice and a father might remain”

Just a few minutes into her performance, Clarkson did something that took the crowd and the judges by surprise: she got overtaken with emotion while singing the really emotional lyrics, and she had to fight back tears.

She paused momentarily before finishing the song as she demonstrated tremendously genuine passion, something that is quite rare to see in live performances given by music superstars like Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson is recognized for the incredible and nearly instant connection she establishes with audiences who hear her sing live. The intensity and emotion she puts into every performance resonate extremely strongly with her fans, and she is known for the fact that she develops this link very immediately.

Her performance received responses from the crowd that were similar to those that Urban received. Kelly is an American Idol that excels in many different areas. Someone in the audience said, “This is one of them.” A piano accompaniment was all that was required for Kelly’s performance, and the audience was able to feel every syllable that she sung thanks to this accompaniment. Her stage presence remained consistent throughout the whole of the song, and the expressions on her face gave an additional layer of drama. There was not a single person in the house with a dry eye.

The conversation proceeded with Urban expressing his appreciation for the opportunity to see Clarkson play. “The humanity that was there at that time was simply… well, you just don’t see it, other than her tremendous talent as a singer and the song and performance,” she said. “And don’t even get me started on the television,” he said.

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