VIDEO: Once upon a time, Salma Hayek breastfed a baby who was in need of milk and helped launch a campaign encouraging breastfeeding… Watch an amazing video below…

VIDEO: Once upon a time, Salma Hayek breastfed a baby who was in need of milk and helped launch a campaign encouraging breastfeeding… Watch an amazing video below…

Salma Hayek was born Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez. It wasn’t until 1991 that she relocated to Hollywood, although she got her start in the industry in Mexico. The performance of Frida Kahlo that Hayek gave in the film “Frida” from 2002 brought her the most fame. As a result of her performance in this role, she was nominated for Best Actress honors at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the BAFTA Film Awards.

Hayek has appeared in a number of American films prior to the release of “Frida.” Her other early successful films include “Desperado,” which was released in 1995, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” which was released in 1996, “Dogma,” and “Wild Wild West,” all of which were released in 1999. Her film “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” which was released in 2017, will have a sequel named “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” coming in 2021. This film was one of her more recent flicks. The main character in the movie is played by Salma Hayek, and her name is Sonia Kincaid.

Hayek is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, a giant in the economic world in France. On March 9, 2007, the actress revealed that she was expecting a child while also confirming that she and her fiancé were engaged. On September 21, 2007, in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California, Hayek gave birth to their daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault. The wedding took place on Saint Valentine’s Day in 2009 in the city of Paris, France. They went to Venice, Italy, the same year to reaffirm their wedding vows.

However, they do have a lovely daughter together who goes by the name Valentina and is now 15 years old. In the past, the pair has kept the details of their relationship mostly under wraps. Hayek was once asked to share a significant memory, and she chose the time when she weaned her daughter off of her breast milk. She shared her memories and tale as she was accepting an award on behalf of UNICEF. As she did so, she recalled an experience in which she assisted a young mother in Africa who was looking for assistance in locating breast milk for her newborn child.

Hayek is well-known for being one of the most outspoken celebrities in the industry. She has undoubtedly earned a name for herself in the world of entertainment, but she has also aroused debate for her approach toward certain themes, such as growing older in the entertainment industry. [Citation needed]

Hayek is active on Instagram, where she often publishes photos of herself celebrating her age and showing no shame in doing so. The actress, who is in her 50s, likes publishing both old and new images of herself in bikinis without feeling the need to apologize for doing so. Hayek reportedly described taking images of herself in a bikini as a “liberating” experience during an interview with ET.

The actress has beautiful hair, but what really grabs your attention is her glowing skin. She doesn’t use Botox or fillers, and she doesn’t believe it’s important to apply makeup every single day, according to Harper’s Bazaar. She also doesn’t think it’s necessary to wear makeup every single day.

Hayek’s daughter seems to be a major lover of her mother’s beauty and elegance, and this is despite the fact that people all over the globe are definitely envious of Hayek’s amazing features. In the year 2022, the actress who had already won several awards discussed the mother-daughter relationship that she had with her daughter Valentina.

“We battle over clothing because she steals everything from my wardrobe,” Hayek revealed, adding, “Since she was a tiny girl, she has never let me select her outfits, and I have always enjoyed that… She is quite skilled in the application of cosmetics. Even though I’m skilled at applying cosmetics, she now shows me how to do it.

Salma disclosed this information to HOLA! in May 2017, stating that “Valentina and I are not very comparable personality-wise.” “However, she doesn’t suffer from stage fright while she’s being filmed. Everyone in my family exudes quiet assurance while also being rather elegant and airy. On stage, the only people who become nervous are Valentina and I. However, she doesn’t seem to have any trouble appearing in front of the camera!

Valentina Hayek was born in the same month as her famous mother, and they also have the same name. According to HELLO! Magazine, Salma Hayek chooses to keep her underage kid out of the public glare, therefore Valentina makes very seldom appearances on her mother’s Instagram account. This is a practice that is common among the daughters of many high-profile celebrities.

A number of years ago, the famous actress was on stage at a significant UNICEF event. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is an organization that deals with humanitarian development for children. Its acronym stands for the United Nations. Hayek stepped on stage as she was accepting an award for UNICEF and reminisced about a tale that she would never forget and one that she felt was important enough to share with the rest of the world.

The actress related what she saw, saying, “This 15-year-old girl is screaming and trembling with a newborn baby and she pleaded, ‘please help me I need milk.’” Hayek recalled that while they had a lot of other things, they were short on milk. She continued her explanation by saying, “Except I recall that I had milk because I was weaning my baby.” At that moment, Hayek engaged in an action that could only be described as heroic. “I got milk!,” she exclaimed. She repeated many times to the young African mother, “Give me the baby, give me the baby.”

The actress said, “I took a seat and began breastfeeding this baby.” She went on to describe what a memorable experience it was not just for her but also for the newborn baby in the room with her at the time. “I was transfixed by the baby because that baby took the first hit of milk,” she said, as she attempted to emulate the tiny child’s facial expressions of amazement and ecstasy. “I was mesmerized by the baby because that baby took the first hit of milk,” she said. Hayek reported that the man was looking at her intently while mumbling the words “thank you.”

Hayek went on to add that a journalist ended up capturing a picture of the personal moment, and ultimately news filtered back to Hayek’s publicist about the photograph. “Why do you behave in such a manner? Are you crazy?” Hayek remembered. Hayek expressed her thoughts with the audience after having a conversation with the journalist who had taken the photograph. “They could have milked that milking moment, but they were so graceful and they never said anything,” Hayek added.

“Three years later a fantastic journalist, who was the one who shot the image, was undertaking a campaign for nursing in Africa,” she added. “The photograph was taken at a time when breastfeeding was becoming more popular in Africa.” After that, “the milk businesses began sending,” Hayek added. “That was the next step.” It is reasonable to infer that Hayek’s kind act of providing breast milk to another infant helped a family that was struggling financially. During an interview with “Nightline,” Hayek said that she had questioned whether or not she had made the correct decision by giving birth to a second child.

If I give my daughter’s breast milk to someone else, am I being disloyal to her? Hayek stated. “I truly believe that my infant would be quite pleased to share her breast milk with another baby. And when she’s older, I’m going to do all in my power to ensure that she maintains her kindheartedness and generosity,” said the actress.

“The other side is a woman whose body is creating something naturally who is really utilizing it in such a strong and wonderful manner,” said ABC writer Jennifer Perillo, who in 2009 served as the culinary editor at Working Mother magazine. In a separate interview with ABC, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz expressed her opinion, stating, “I think it’s utterly ridiculous. But I respond, ‘You go.” She continued by saying, “She spoke her opinion, and she did it in a resounding manner. And look at that: it’s generated a dialogue about how breastfeeding is beneficial, women should have a choice about whether or not to do it, and we shouldn’t be so terrified of our bodies.

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