Britney Spears just had her hair styled to the shortest length it has ever been… Learn more below…

Britney Spears just had her hair styled to the shortest length it has ever been… Learn more below…

Bernice, please move over here. Britney Spears, a.k.a. “Ms. Spears,” now wears the bob that everyone is talking about, and it sits atop her head like a crown. The pop diva gave fans a sneak peek at her upcoming big chop in her most recent Instagram video, which she shared from the beach. The clip is just marginally not safe for work (NSFW), given that she is not known for wearing the top of her bikini.

“I shaved off all of my hair… I’m not ready to present it to you just yet!!” Spears was the author. In the video, she is seen wearing a pink hat over her hair, despite the fact that her hair seems to fall just below her ears. If that’s the case, then her hair is at its shortest it’s ever been (since the time she shaved her head, which wasn’t so much a fashion statement as it was a response to an emergency, so we don’t consider it).

Spears continued to comment on her hair journey in another post that she published the following day. In this post, she said, “I got inspired by Khloe Kardashian’s hair so I’m working on deep conditioning it today!!! ” It is true that Khloe’s hair is rather long at the moment, but it is safe to say that it is in far better condition than Brit’s (no insult intended; bleach and sun are both damaging to hair). Therefore, we believe that this kind of health, as opposed to the style, is what Spears is aiming for:

At the beginning of the year 2022, Spears was feeling bored and decided to color her hair purple. However, the purple hue did not last long and quickly faded away. Does this new haircut portend a life filled with even more monotony? In that second piece, she did admit that she spends her days doing “nothing” (her words, not mine!). The young lady is in desperate need of something to keep her hands occupied, and I for one would be thrilled if she decided to pick up painting once again.

If you are thinking about making a change, you can certainly bring a picture of Britney Spears or Khloé Kardashian to your local salon. However, we recommend that you first look through the list of the best haircuts for women in 2022 so that you have a more complete selection of hairdos to choose from.

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