Jennifer Lopez has said that the fact that her teenage children do not want to talk to her is something that “hurts” her…

Jennifer Lopez has said that the fact that her teenage children do not want to talk to her is something that “hurts” her…

Jennifer Lopez is beloved by everyone; she first won the hearts of Americans with her performance in the blockbuster movie “Selena” in 1997, and she hasn’t slowed down since then. At the age of 53, Lopez is widely considered to be the most important Latin artist in the history of music worldwide. Her film franchises have earned more than $3 billion globally, and she has raked in over 80 million dollars from the sale of her musical songs.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez are not only interested in her professional life; they are also quite interested in her personal life. When it became public knowledge in 2021 that Jennifer Lopez and her exe-boyfriend, the actor Ben Affleck, had reconciled their romantic relationships, the media circus went into overdrive. Lopez’s love life has a history of making headlines.

Both of these artists have had very successful careers in their respective fields. Both Affleck and Lopez have successful careers in the entertainment industry as singers and actresses, respectively. The year was 2001, and the place was the set of the movie “Gigli.” They had their first date in 2002, and a year later, in 2003, they announced their engagement to be married. Despite this, the couple, who were known as “Bennifer” at the time, did not end up getting married and broke up in 2004.

Following the end of their relationship, both of them moved on to start new relationships with other individuals. In the same year that Lopez and Affleck ended their relationship, she tied the knot with musician Marc Anthony. Despite this, they got a divorce in 2014. Affleck, meantime, tied the knot with his co-star on “Daredevil” Jennifer Garner in 2005, and the couple remained married until they split up in 2018.

The year 2021 arrived, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck both discovered that they were no longer coupled together. They got back in touch with one another and discovered that their love was blooming all over again. In July of that year, Lopez posted on social media to indicate that the two were dating, and exactly one year later, in July of 2022, Bennifer tied the wedding and got legally married to one another.

Now that the couple has been married for over a year, Lopez is talking up on how Affleck is integrating into their blended family and what it’s actually like to be a mother of adolescents.

In February of 2022, Lopez discussed the ways in which things have evolved as a consequence of the twins’ increased age. “They’re going to be 14 in a couple of days, and they have opinions about the world and their lives,” she said to Today. “They’re very vocal about what they think.” “And now they see their dad, as well as me, we’re in the public eye, what that means, what that means for them, what that means for school, everything,” the speaker said.

The mother of two is quite concerned about keeping her children out of the public eye, especially in light of the increased attention that has been paid to her since she and Affleck have reconciled their relationship. She said that their priorities have shifted from the glory days of their youth and shared the following with the media outlet:

“I believe that we are older now, that we have children, that we have a greater feeling of duty, that we have a great deal more experience, and that we are just in a different position in our lives. We are going to make an effort to share our joy as much as possible, but at the same time we are going to hold it in the highest regard as holy and keep it very near to our hearts.

On their 15th birthday, which was on February 22, 2023, Lopez honored her twins Emme and Max by showing a moving montage of some of their most memorable memories over the years. “Happy birthday to my gorgeous and bright coconuts! I am very proud of you both in every single aspect…. I hope you have a wonderful day. “I love you more than anything and everything,” she said in the description of the photo.

However, Lopez acknowledged that things are not always sunshine and flowers when her children hit the stage of their lives where they are cranky teenagers. ExtraTV quotes her as saying:

“Now that my children have reached the age when they are questioning the established order and truly looking at you, I can tell you that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows anymore. Now, it’s like, ‘why are you asking me to do that?’ ‘I don’t want to do that,’ and it’s just continuously the push and pull of being a parent (to adolescents).”

While Lopez has characterized her children as “smart” and “loving,” she has also said that she is aware that “they’re also coming into their own and figuring themselves out and looking at their life and seeing what they love about it and seeing what they don’t like about it…” Lopez’s children have been described as both “smart” and “loving.” The whole of their lives revolves around you, which makes it a difficult situation to navigate. Those formative years of adolescence are the ones that everyone remembers, the ones that people tell you about throughout your whole life, and the ones that your mother still finds fault with. You know, your “when you were a teenager…” stories are hilarious. My reaction was, “Yeah, she’s totally right.”

The matter was also brought up by Lopez during an appearance on “The View,” when she confessed that she has been forced to play the part of the “bad guy” at home.

“You really have to be, because they need it. “There is a time, and I think it’s in those teenage years… and you’re just like, ‘Oh, this is what (my mother) was talking about,’” Lopez stated. “There is a time, and I think it’s in those teenage years…”

She bemoaned that this was “the time when your kids don’t want to talk to you, and they’re kind of individuating from you, and it’s all necessary.” She said this was “the time when your kids don’t want to talk to you.” She went on to say, “I understand it intellectually, but my heart, it hurts,” referring to her emotional state.

Lopez was very fortunate in that she was able to find the ideal partner in Affleck, her husband, whom she refers to as a “amazing dad.”

“It makes me feel like crying all over again. Lopez exclaimed, “He is truly the best father I have ever seen in my entire life.” She went on to say that

“He’s so invested in it…. He may be found here. That is all you can ask for, for a father who is not absent, loving, caring, and who is there each and every day, and that is exactly who he is.

Lopez claims that she is certain that all will turn out well in the end, despite the difficulties that are presented by the fact that her children are now teenagers.

“They are maturing into grownups; everything is being put to the test by them… It is wonderful news in my opinion for the planet. “I truly believe that they are going to alter the course of history,” she said.

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