Man turns oak tree trunk into life-like horse in mesmerizing timelapse

Man turns oak tree trunk into life-like horse in mesmerizing timelapse

Some things you just have to see to believe. Watching something like a ‘Horse in Oak’ come to life falls under that category. Simon O’Rouke demonstrates an expert level of craftsmanship in this work of art.

Starting with just two large oak tree trunks, O’Rouke can visualize ‘Dexter’ within it. A rough sketch and a chainsaw are all he needs to make Dexter come to life.

Meticulously cutting the two trunks, O’Rouke lays out a basic shape of the horse. With the help of a few straps, he’s able to hold the two main pieces of the horse together.

Once the horse’s shape starts coming together, O’Rouke shows that the devil is in the details. Strategically carving out features on the horse’s face and body—Dexter truly begins coming to life.

O’Rouke chooses a stance for the horse that shows him mid-gallop. This detail makes the horse appear even more realistic, resembling a proper posture of a horse in the wild.

O’Rouke gives Dexter a real-life complexion of a horse in the wild by applying some color and weathering techniques to the horse. You could easily mistake this wood carving for an actual horse from a distance!

After putting in over 60 hours of work, O’Rouke has completed his woodworking masterpiece. Positioned to overlook a field, Dexter has genuinely come to life.

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