VIDEO: A dog is rescued by a man after falling off a balcony on the ninth floor…

VIDEO: A dog is rescued by a man after falling off a balcony on the ninth floor…

The importance of preparation cannot be overstated when bringing a new puppy into the home. When there is a baby in the home, the adults must “baby-proof” the whole location in order to make it as risk-free as possible for the newborn. It is the responsibility of responsible dog owners to ensure that their house is “puppy-proofed” for dogs.

Mel, the Shih Tzu, was having a good time at her apartment in Brazil on one particular day.

In Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, Little Mel was having a good time running about and playing in the house that belonged to her owner. During the time that she was playing, she made the choice to exit the room and go to the balcony instead. Due to the fact that Shih Tzus are so little, it is possible that she was able to slip under the railing, which is normally not an issue.

The small dog was playing and climbing about when it got caught on the ledge of the balcony.

Before it started to become worried, the dog went up onto the outside ledge of the balcony by squeezing between the gaps in the railing slats. After Mel’s anxiety started to get the better of her, she found that she was unable to get back through the railing where she had just come from. The small dog was clearly distressed, as seen by its frenzied barking.

Joao Augusto was making his way down the ground when he heard the dog barking in the distance.

It was impossible for Mel to survive a fall of such magnitude.

Joao was there when the unthinkable happened for real for the first time. After falling down the cliff, Mel landed heavily on the earth below. Joao established his business right under the spot where he believed the dog would land, much like a football receiver anticipating a tremendous punt.

After a little period of time, a white flash will emerge.

Mel had a fleeting capacity to fly at this time. On the other hand, as she descended toward the earth, those seconds passed by quite rapidly. As the dog charged Joao, there was just a little window of opportunity for him to capture it before it reached him. The dog appeared in front of him in a flash of white light and then landed on the man’s waiting lap.

Joao made a fantastic catch of the flying monster, much like a football player.

After a brief moment of astonishment, Mel turns around to look at the person who saved her and then runs away. You wouldn’t even notice the dog had just plummeted 126 feet! The event is a good reminder to ALWAYS take the proper safety steps when it comes to safeguarding your pets, and it serves as a wonderful reminder thanks to the fact that it occurred (and your babies).

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