Kayleigh McEnany and Fox News Annihilate Competition, Boast More Viewers Than CNN and MSNBC Combined

Kayleigh McEnany and Fox News Annihilate Competition, Boast More Viewers Than CNN and MSNBC Combined

Fox News had a bit of a bumpy road shortly after former President Donald Trump failed to win the 2020 presidential election, but the network quickly found its footing. Once again, it’s absolutely dominating the competition.

The network has a deep bench of proven, highly-rated cable news stars, but most recently, it was former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, now a full-time co-host of “Outnumbered,” who generated waves with the latest ratings numbers.

According to Mediaite, “Outnumbered,” a popular midday show hosted by McEnany and Harris Faulkner, garnered nearly 2 million viewers on Wednesday alone. It was noted that such a number is “impressive” for daytime cable television.

For a bit of an insane perspective, CNN and MSNBC’s showings in the same time slot brought in 638,000 and 685,000 viewers, respectively. The network’s combined viewership numbers couldn’t touch the 1.96 million viewers who tuned in to watch McEnany do her thing.

In every ratings chart, the honeypot demographic for advertisers is the coveted 25-54 age group. McEnany dominated that group, bringing in an impressive 256,000 viewers.

By comparison, CNN and MSNBC, again combined, couldn’t even hit 200,000 in that demographic, let alone match McEnany’s numbers.

The story doesn’t end with McEnany’s ratings for “Outnumbered.” An impressively long list of Fox News hosts sit comfortably at the top of the ratings charts on a steady basis.

For instance, Tucker Carlson of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” scored over 3.2 million viewers last Wednesday. Every additional network on the list, in the same time slot, combined, doesn’t come within earshot of Carlson’s numbers.

Other primetime hosts at the cable news giant, like Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bret Baier, and Greg Gutfeld, also routinely dominate their respective time slots, leaving any competition in the proverbial dust.

Last Thursday, the network scored once again, dominating all traces of competition.

Gutfeld carried Fox News to a new, unexpected record once thought to be impossible to set by a cable show. According to a Fox News report, his hit show, “Gutfeld!” recently became the first late-night cable show to take the number one spot in the time slot, a position held for five years by Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

It’s up for debate as to why Fox News seems to own the television cable news landscape consistently. Many believe that CNN and MSNBC became too comfortable with garnering solid ratings during Trump’s presidency, as the networks pumped out a steady stream of usually negative content, creating an echo chamber of anti-Trump propaganda that their viewers craved.

There’s also an argument to be made that, at the end of the day, people are simply more interested in truth and transparency, and not just another network carrying the Biden administration’s proverbial water.

Whatever the case, Fox News is nothing short of a blessing, as it’s difficult even to fathom the things we’d never know if we only had the left-leaning networks to provide us with information.

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