Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of Anderson Cooper, accepted her gay son for who he is, and Anderson Cooper was there to hold her hand till the very end of her life…

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of Anderson Cooper, accepted her gay son for who he is, and Anderson Cooper was there to hold her hand till the very end of her life…

The perceptive reporting that Anderson Cooper, a well-known journalist who hosts a television show, provides keeps people glued to their seats on CNN. In the meanwhile, his mother Gloria Laura Vanderbilt established a successful career for herself in the fields of art and design in the United States.

Even when he came out as homosexual, Gloria’s love for her son had no limitations and she accepted him unconditionally. Their connection was unshakable and profound, withstanding every difficulty and seeing them through every storm.

Throughout her lifetime, Gloria has been married on four separate occasions. Wyatt Cooper, her fourth and last husband, was the one she loved the most profoundly out of all of her prior spouses; nonetheless, she loved all of them dearly.

Wyatt came from a well-known family in the South and worked as a writer and editor for a magazine. Chris and Stan, who were her elder boys, looked up to him as devoted stepfathers throughout their lives. He and Gloria were blessed with two additional boys, Anderson and Carter, who were also born during their marriage.

Gloria referred to Wyatt as the “love of her life” and said that he provided her with the kind of family life that she had always envisioned for herself. He was a fantastic parent and helped her realize what it would have been like to have a father figure in her life by becoming that example for her.

Before she met Wyatt, she had never been through anything like this before. Their union was fraught with happiness, but it wasn’t without its share of struggles as well.

There was a pattern of premature losses running through Wyatt’s family. Wyatt’s life was cut tragically short in January 1978 when he went prematurely as a result of a heart attack that occurred while he was undergoing surgery. He was 50.


In spite of the tragedy that befell him, Gloria was unable to let go of her love for him. Even after his passing some years ago, she never stopped thinking of him as her one and only true love, and she continued to go by the name “Mrs. Cooper.”

However, it was not the end of Gloria’s suffering. She was dealt yet another tragic loss when her son Carter, who was 23 at the time, passed away under mysterious circumstances.


The loss of her son left Gloria’s heart in a million pieces, and she was unable to function normally. She said that for the last three weeks, she has done nothing except lie in bed and weep since she is unable to find any relief or comfort.

Following Carter’s passing, Gloria’s relationship with Anderson deepened. She was also in regular communication with her second son, Stan, despite the fact that she did not know where her first son was. On the other hand, Christopher, Stan and Anderson’s third brother, is completely unknown to the public.


Gloria indicated that Christopher had fully cut connections with their family, suggesting that he no longer want to be a part of their lives. This was in response to Gloria’s question about whether or not Christopher wanted to be a part of their lives. She did it out of respect for his decision, despite this.

Gloria and Anderson were forced to deal with the horrible events that occurred within their family after the untimely losses of Carter and Wyatt. Her other two boys were not around to help them in this time of need.

Anderson said that he was just 10 years old when his father went away and that he was 21 years old when his brother passed. Anderson and Gloria became become one other’s closest friends throughout the course of time.

Over the course of Anderson’s life, Gloria evolved into a close friend and confidante. After learning that the famous journalist had feelings for other guys, Gloria decided to accept him in spite of his sexual orientation. In her words:

“There is no distinction to be made. Love is love.”

A production of the play “Bent,” which depicts the persecution of homosexuals and lesbians in Nazi Germany, was the impetus for Cooper’s coming to terms with his sexual orientation. When he was 11 years old, he went to attend the performance. He recalled the experience.


Because of something that happened with Anderson’s grandmother Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt, at first it was difficult for Anderson to be open and honest with his mother. It had been suggested that she was involved in a lesbian relationship, which had a profound impact on him.

Anderson came out as gay to his circle of friends while he was still in high school, but it wasn’t until he was 21 years old that he felt confident enough to tell his mother about his sexual orientation.

He thought it was remarkable that they never brought up his admission again after it had been brought up. Despite this, Gloria was able to come to terms with her boyfriend’s sexuality and go on with her life normally. She also met his other partners.


In addition, Anderson said that he should not have said “I believe I am” when he first disclosed to Gloria that he was homosexual. Even though the well-known newscaster was content with his sexual orientation, he felt that his mother still considered him to be unclear of who he was.

Gloria, for her part, said that she thought it was really courageous of Anderson to open out to her. She gave her kid the assurance that she completely welcomed him in every way and was “more than cool” with his being homosexual. She couldn’t hide her delight and satisfaction at learning his sexual orientation.

In 2016, Gloria shocked Anderson by disclosing an intriguing facet of her love life before to being married. She came clean about having a connection with someone of the same sexual orientation when she was just 13 years old.

Anderson was taken aback by this finding due to the fact that he had never previously been informed about this facet of his mother’s past; he had only been told about his grandmother. Gloria continued by explaining that the relationship she had when she was a teenager did not last very long.

In the end, Gloria came to the realization that one’s sexual orientation does not affect the nature of love. The renowned fashion designer was quoted as saying at the time, “And it’s just like getting married, that’s what it is.”

The bond that previously existed between Gloria and Anderson deepened much more. However, in 2019, a major ailment would finally compel them to part ways, which would be a shame since they had a great connection.

The American socialite found out on June 8 of that year that she had cancer, and according to Anderson, she only had nine days left to live as a result of her diagnosis. Anderson said that her family and friends visited her while she was in the hospital.

The nurses who took care of Gloria showered her with much love and attention while she was under their care. In addition, Anderson remained close to his mother over the whole span of nine days and nights. He entertained her by singing songs and even danced with her. He did not let go of her hand till she had taken her last breath.

On June 17, Gloria passed away. She lived to be 95. Anderson referred to the time he spent with his mother during those few moments as a “wonderful gift” and the “greatest conceivable finale” to his mother’s extraordinary life. After her demise, Anderson expressed his grief by saying:

“I had no idea until just now just how much of a North Star she was for me as well…

Without her, things seem to be far less magical and dazzling than they were before.”

After that, he thought back to the deaths of his father and brother, as well as the fact that, due to his young age, he was unable to defend his mother. On the other hand, he was able to make up for it by ensuring that Gloria’s last years were pleasant and productive.

Anderson also remembered that one week before Gloria passed away, they had a great time dancing the night away to the song “Is That All There Is” by Peggy Lee. The song will always have a special place in Gloria’s mother’s heart.

The journalist related how he sang to her and danced back and forth with her while holding her hand as if they were at a ball during their dying minutes together. Gloria noted that it had been an amazing evening.

Anderson was unable to accept the fact that his mother had passed away. In a statement that was both devastating and inspiring, he wrote on Instagram that her mother believed in love more than anybody else.

Anderson went on to say that his mother’s life was directed and comforted by the love and that it was the driving force behind her whole existence. His touching eulogy contained photographs of Gloria when she was much younger.

During her last breaths, he heard his mother tell him how much she loved him. Anderson said, “I did, and I have known it ever from the minute I was born, and I will continue to know it right up until the day I pass away. It was the best present that she could have given to me.”

In spite of the challenges and obstacles that Anderson and Gloria faced together, their relationship only became closer over time. Together, they were able to get through the suffering and the loss, and they discovered a way to pay tribute to the people who had been dear to them and who had passed away.

Because the love and support that Gloria gave Anderson were consistent and unreserved over the course of their relationship, Anderson will be thankful for his mother’s affection for the rest of his life.

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