Twenty-seven years ago, a woman adopted a child. Her foster son returned the favour.

Twenty-seven years ago, a woman adopted a child. Her foster son returned the favour.

The story below might not have happened if one day one person with a big heart did not help another. It is well known that good things have a way of returning to the sender, and you will see that again today.

When Ingeborga Mackintosh took out the adoption papers, she had no idea what this noble deed would mean for her!

27 years later, the dedication and boundless love she showed for her family person literally saved Ingeborga’s life.

Ingeborga Mackintosh has chosen an unusual and very difficult profession. She is the guardian of abandoned children. More than 120 000 abandoned children have found warmth, attention and care in the home of their adoptive mother.

Although Ingeborga treated every child with boundless trepidation and love, this baby just won her heart.

In a shelter for abandoned children, Ingeborga met a 4-year-old boy and immediately knew it was hers. However, she could not adopt Jordan right away.

Despite the positive attitude of the guardianship authorities, the woman was not allowed to take the child.

As it turned out, the boy’s biological mother made it a condition that only African-American or mixed families could adopt Jordan. Because of this condition, the authorities searched all over the country for a suitable family for the boy for about four years.

Eventually, after a fruitless search, Jordan did become Ingeborga Mackintosh’s official son.

20 years later — trouble came suddenly…

A happy life was on its way. The boy became an adult, an independent man. However, he always remembered the one who had replaced his mother and restored his faith in people.

Jordan was eternally grateful to Mackintosh for his childhood — for the care and love she had given him. And a few months ago, he had the opportunity to thank his mum.

Ingeborga was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and an urgent transplant was needed. Needless to say, the waiting list for organ donations is huge. People wait for years, and often don’t wait for a lifesaving operation.

Realizing this, Mackintosh had steeled herself for the fact that her life, which she had spent without an ounce of regret helping others, was coming to an end. But then her beloved boy intervened…

As soon as Jordan found out about his mum’s illness, he immediately underwent all the necessary tests to make sure he was compatible. It turned out that his kidney was completely suitable for a transplant. Without a shadow of a doubt, the boy gave a part of himself to his named, but most dear mother.

Fortunately, the operation was a success and Ingeborga now goes on living her life to the delight of all her adopted children, and of course Jordan.

She adopted 120,000 children, but only one saved her…

A wonderful and completely symbolic detail: the operation took place on the eve of Mother’s Day. It did not matter whether she was a biological or adoptive mother. Very simply and succinctly describe what happened, Jordan’s own words:

«It was the least I could do. She saved me, I should have saved her.»

Such an attitude is not often seen, even among people of the same bloodline. Perhaps this is a good reason to reflect on how our actions can change lives for the better.

Unselfishness and attention, caring, and love are precious coins that are not worth saving and keeping to ourselves.

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