Shy stuttering man strikes judges with an unprecedented voice and gets a golden buzzer

Shy stuttering man strikes judges with an unprecedented voice and gets a golden buzzer

A man who stutters and is usually shy surprised the judges with his extraordinary voice and received a golden buzzer.


Classical opera is a beautiful art, but it is certainly not easy. Yes, the singer must have a good voice, but it doesn’t stop there. He must also have the natural instinct to use his raw talent and turn it into something outstanding. And that’s exactly what 22-year-old Gruffydd Roberts demonstrated on this episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

The shy-looking Welshman seemed overwhelmed by the size of the audience in front of him as he stood in front of the judges at his BGT audition. Gruffydd later described his audition as “very, very nervous … I could feel my legs shaking as I sang.”

Simon asked Gruffydd to tell him a little about himself. Gruffydd proudly stated that he was Welsh and that he lived with his grandmother. Simon stopped him at this point and asked about his parents.

This question greatly shocked the candidate. Gruffydd tried to explain why he had no parents in his life, but he was very visibly upset and began to stutter. These extra emotions probably did not help him relax before the responsible audition.

Simon wished him luck and turned on the music. Gruffydd’s friends in the crowd cheered him on as he took a deep breath and began to sing. His nervousness and emotion were very evident, but behind the nervousness was an obvious operatic talent. There was, however, something missing.

After a few bars of the song, Simon raised his hand and signaled for the music to stop. Simon said: ” Gruffydd, I want to tell you something – because you’re very nervous. It was very cold and mechanical for me. I feel there’s more to it than that… I want you to relax for a second.” Simon gives Gruffydd a second chance – a chance Simon doesn’t often give – to sing another song. The host gives Gruffydd a glass of water when a new song starts, and he visibly relaxes.

As his friends held their breath, Gruffydd opened his mouth and began to sing “Nessun Dorma”. This time the difference was obvious. The audience could tell that this time the song was coming from his soul. The emotion in the audience was almost palpable and began to grow as the song went on. There were even tears streaming down the faces of several people. The crowd erupted in applause and rose to their feet as he reached the culmination of the song.

The ovation was supported by all four judges, and the crowd jumped when one of the judges slammed Golden Buzzer. An emotional Gruffydd almost instantly finds himself surrounded by cheering friends and family.

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