A young entrepreneur disguises himself as a homeless man and comes to his bride a week before the wedding — The story of the day

A young entrepreneur disguises himself as a homeless man and comes to his bride a week before the wedding — The story of the day

A young businessman suspects that the love of his life is not who he thinks she is. So he gets rid of his expensive suits, puts on the ragged clothes, and makes an unexpected visit to her a week before the wedding to check on her.

Jack had what most people would call a «perfect life.» Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and handsome features, he was one of the most sought-after bachelors in town.

But the young man was the complete opposite of what people thought of him. Despite his wealth, he was a modest, hardworking man who lived for his job. The business that Jack owned was the result of his hard work.

He was one of the top students at the business school and had his own business when he graduated. And he did it alone.

Mr. and Mrs Alan were proud of their hard-working son but worried that he took his job too seriously and did not pay due attention to his personal life. Until Jack introduced them to the love of his life, Bianca.


When they all gathered for dinner at the Alan mansion for the first time, Mrs. Alan couldn’t help but admire her son and his beloved.

«She’s perfect for our son, dear», she whispered to her husband. «She’s cool and beautiful!»

«Well, he’s my son,» Mr. Alan said proudly. «He can only choose the best! After all, even his father chose the most beautiful woman in the world!».

«Stop it!» — she whispered to her husband, blushing. «The kids can hear you.»

«I didn’t say anything bad, dear,» he replied with a wink, and Mrs. Alan’s cheeks flushed from her husband’s compliment.

Overall, the dinner was pleasant, and Jack’s parents liked Bianca. She was a successful designer, smart and young, and very generous. They were impressed when they discovered that she believes in giving herself to society and participates in many charity events.

«You can count me and Jack’s father as your parents, dear,» Mrs. Alan told her before she left. «You don’t have to feel alone anymore as if you don’t have a family. WE are your family.»

Bianca told the Alans that she was an orphan, and the elderly couple regretted that the young woman had not grown up in a loving home, so they wanted to provide one for her. They decided to welcome her with open arms.

But did Bianca deserve this love? Jack wasn’t secretly sure of it. If not for a romantic dinner at the city’s finest French restaurant, which gave him the first idea of Bianca’s true identity.

«Get out of here!» ‘She shouted to the homeless man who went to the door of her car to ask for money when Bianca was on her way to the car after dinner.

«Please give me something,» said the poor man. «I haven’t eaten anything for several days. Be merciful, and God will reward you!»

«I think God blessed me anyway!» She exclaimed, pushing the homeless man away and getting into her car. The poor guy, who fell from Bianca’s push, got up in tears and left.

Meanwhile, Jack was still at the restaurant, chatting with a friend he had met. Unfortunately for Bianca, he saw what happened that day, and something about her seemed very strange to him.

«Are you okay, baby?» — he asked, getting into the car.

«Yes, I’m fine,» she said, smiling broadly. «Why?»

«Never mind,» he replied, pretending to smile. Bianca acted as if nothing had happened, although Jack clearly saw her behavior toward the poor man. A woman engaged in charity work would never treat those in need like this. Was Bianca pretending?

Since then, Jack has become suspicious of Bianca. He never bothered to ask her about her life after she said she didn’t like to talk about it, but it was time to find out who she was.

So Jack asked his secretary to check her background, and the results shocked him.

«Mr. Alan, are you sure you want to see this?» — his secretary asked, putting an envelope on the table. «I think you should discuss this directly with her.»

«If so, Mr. Hilton,» said Alan, «I’d love to see what you have on my future wife».

Jack opened the envelope and took a hard breath. His fiancée was more than he could ever imagine. A cheater who had been divorced three times. He immediately closed the envelope and sighed.

«Thank you for your work, Mr. Hilton,» he said with a heavy heart. «I’ll take care of the rest».

After Mr. Hilton left his office, Jack began to cry. He loved Bianca with all his heart. He thought she was «the one», so he accelerated the preparations for the wedding, and there were only two weeks left until the big day.

The invitations were ready, the wedding hall was booked, and their outfits would be determined next week. About 3,000 people were invited to a big wedding, which was supposed to take place in the most luxurious hall in the city, but Jack suddenly conceived something else. He was going to test her. He was going to give her a chance to prove that everything he knew about her was wrong.

For example, a week before his wedding, a young businessman gave up an expensive suit in favor of a tattered jacket, torn jeans, and a false beard. Convinced that he could be mistaken for a homeless man by his appearance, he decided to go to his fiancée’s house.

When Jack arrived, dragging an old cart full of tattered cardboard sheets, a frowning Bianca greeted him at the door and he smiled pleasantly, knowing she was trapped. She did not recognize him.

«Please help me, ma’am,» he pleaded. «I’m knocking on doors to raise money for my poor mother’s operation. You seem like a nice lady. Please help me!»

«What?» She laughed. «A nice lady? I’m not stupid enough to fall for your flattery! I don’t help beggars like you! GET OUT!»

«But I’ve heard so many good things about you, ma’am,» he pleaded again. «You give so much to charity. Your neighbors have told me what a generous woman you are. May I ask why you are so cold to me?»

«Look, sir,» she said rudely. «I don’t do charity! It’s just ostentation. I just needed to build a good reputation, that’s all. Now get the hell out and don’t ever knock on that door for help again! NEVER!»

At that moment, Bianca’s mask of deceit fell, and Jack knew exactly what his next move would be.

«Well, ma’am,» he said, removing his beard. «I don’t think we can continue this relationship. I just wanted to give you an example of how you do things, and I think I did a good job, didn’t I? I cheated on you the same way you cheated on me.»

«Jack?» Bianca’s eyes were wide in bewilderment. «Baby, what was that? You were joking, weren’t you? Look, I knew it was you. I knew it all along, so I was just playing along!».

Jack laughed and threw the envelope he had received from Mr. Hilton to the floor. «It’s all over, Anna! I can’t believe I ran into a person like you! I’ll make sure you pay for what you’ve done.»

Eventually, Jack informed the police about Bianca, whose real name was Anna, and she was apprehended. Three years have passed since then, but she has never appeared in his life again.

Today Jack is the happy father of his twin daughters. He found true love soon after breaking up with Bianca and is living the life he dreams of with his beloved wife and adorable children. He is still thankful that he accidentally saw Bianca insult the poor man that day and thus saved himself from the horrible life he could have had next to Bianca.

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