What does every elderly mother want to ask of her adult children, but is afraid...

What does every elderly mother want to ask of her adult children, but is afraid…

The closest and dearest person in a person’s life is the mother. His kiss has always warmed us, hands have more healing power than any medicine, they have saved us from both physical and spiritual pain.

As children, we always ran to mom to share our joy with us, or sympathize with us if we had a bad luck. A mother’s love is powerful, it protects us wherever we are, it helps us find the right path in life.

We grew up with our mother, we got married, and many of us had to leave our father’s hearth. We have left not only the place dear to us, but also the most beloved and necessary person for us, mother.

Almost all elderly mothers dream of the same thing, but they are afraid to disturb, to tire. Hopefully, after reading this, you will be able to make your mother’s dream come true.


For mother, we always remain little children. He worries about us in the same way as when we were children. It doesn’t matter how old we are. Try to call her more, believe me, she is waiting for it.



Moms don’t get any younger over the years. And what used to be easy and quick for them, now requires a lot of effort. Give him a gift. help do the housework, because he himself will never ask, so as not to interfere with you.


Mom, like all people, can make mistakes. Do not harbor malice in yourself, try to understand him. No mother deserves to be treated abusively. Always tell your mother that you love her very much. We don’t know how much time we have for that.

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Save the parents, they are irreplaceable. Then you may regret the words you didn’t say.

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