They are made from the same mould: identical quadruplets are now 14 years old

They are made from the same mould: identical quadruplets are now 14 years old

Multiple pregnancies are very rare. Statistically, there is only a two percent chance of such twins being born. If we talk about quadruplets, it is probably once in a million, if not more.

But life is an amazing thing, and sometimes it gives us real surprises.

And so 14 years ago, at the very first ultrasound, Julia was told that she was carrying four embryos under her heart.

This is a very complicated case because the babies were growing and developing in the same placenta and the doctors were not sure that they would be born healthy. Therefore, the hospital offered to terminate the pregnancy to reassure her. But the woman flatly refused.

The girls were born by cesarean section. They were all perfectly healthy, and only two of them were underweight. But in time they recovered as well.

The most interesting thing is that the girls resemble each other as much as possible, even as they get older their features are identical. The sisters tell us that they are always mistaken for each other.

Everyone around them and their friends are always trying to carefully examine the girls to find at least some difference, but all in vain, if there are differences, then it’s not easy to see them.

The sisters are happy that fate has decided this way and they have each other.

Their popularity has played into their hands. The four sisters have already been offered collaborations by various clothing brands.

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