“The little girl performs the most difficult song in the world and amazes the judges.”

“The little girl performs the most difficult song in the world and amazes the judges.”

Twelve-year-old Bo Dermott didn’t just perform ‘Defying Gravity’, one of the most technically challenging songs for a young singer, she embodied it in her performance as if it were her own composition. Her precise and powerful performance is the defining interpretation of this popular Broadway tune that wowed the judges of Got Talent UK.

Midway through her performance, Bo Dermott caused a stunned Amanda Holden, who pointed out the goosebumps on her skin. Her performance in the first week of the show showed such power that the rest of the contestants were in a difficult position because the young singer was the best. No one doubted that she would make it to the next round.

Her voice, as if created for Broadway, made the song sound as if it were her own composition, conveying the emotion that elevates the words to the top. Her performance was so touching and pure that it did not leave the audience indifferent, bringing tears to their eyes.

Although all the jurors were impressed with this young star, Amanda expressed the most gratitude, even to the point of crying. As if her expression of love wasn’t bright enough, the judge turned and pressed the Golden Buzzer, showering Bo Dermott with gold.

This Gold Boozer-winning performance will go down in Got Talent history as one of their most outstanding achievements. The song ‘Defying Gravity’ by Wicked has never sounded better. This lyrical journey by 12-year-old Beau Dermott guarantees the discovery of musical genius, and this performance cannot be ignored.

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