I heard a child's cry in the garden. A child wrapped in a cloth was crying on the bench... There was no one next to him

I heard a child’s cry in the garden. A child wrapped in a cloth was crying on the bench… There was no one next to him

The hero of our story was rushing home. It was the last month of autumn, cold and gloomy. The man hid his face in a scarf to protect himself from the wind. And here, there were 30 steps left before reaching the building…Suddenly he hears a child crying, looks around and is surprised to see that not even a mother is walking with her child.


Crying could be heard from the bench, which was covered with dirty towels. Fighting against the desire to reach a warm house, the man approaches the bench and freezes in terror. a child of about 2 years old was lying there… Naturally, there was no question of what to do, going home.

The child had to be handed over to the authorities. In the end, the man took the child to an orphanage. It was painful for him that the child had felt the bitterness of being abandoned at such an early age, but he could not adopt the girl because of living alone and working a lot.


From that day on, the man began to visit Anna often. The girl did not lose contact with her rescuer either. drew pictures for her, greeted her with joy every time. When her peers teased Anna, the girl said she would tell her father…

The man often received pictures with traces of dried tears, which made his heart ache. The pictures showed mom, dad and a happy girl… So several years passed…


Our hero got married, but did not forget about Anna. One day, returning from a long business trip, he again came to the orphanage. «Father and daughter» were taking a long walk, and the nannies were watching them from the window, somehow hiding their smiles, because they knew about the surprise.

At the end of the walk, 6-year-old Anna was already preparing to say goodbye to her «father» when she heard longing words.

— You come to our house, your mother is already waiting for you…

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