I am turning 75 years old today, but neither my son nor my daughter remembered me, did I deserve this... Happy birthday dear grandma

I am turning 75 years old today, but neither my son nor my daughter remembered me, did I deserve this… Happy birthday dear grandma

Mrs. Anna felt very lonely. Today is his 75th birthday, but instead of celebrating with his family, he is sitting on a bench in the prison garden and crying. Neither the son nor the daughter congratulated the mother. At least the neighbor of the ward didn’t forget and even gave her a handkerchief, and the nurse gave her an apple in honor of her birthday. Mrs. Anna was in a nice boarding house, but the staff there were completely indifferent to her.

He was living in his apartment when his son asked to register the apartment in his name. He said that nothing will actually change, he will continue to live there. When the documents were ready, the son moved in with his mother and his wife, and the daughter-in-law was always unhappy with what Mrs. Anna did. At first, the son protected his mother, but later he became completely indifferent to these fights. Then Mrs. Anna began to notice how her son and daughter-in-law often talked secretly.

Then he was told to pack his things and go to a boarding house to heal and rest. His mother, looking into his eyes, asked bitterly. «You’re taking me to a nursing home, son.» The son said it was only for a month, but then he never came. Two whole years have already passed, neither the son nor the daughter have visited their mother. And the worst thing is that he cursed his daughter for the sake of such a son.

And now they haven’t been in touch for 20 years. If it were possible to turn back time, she would have taught her son independence and helped her daughter with financial matters. While thinking all this, Mrs. Anna’s legs buckled, she almost fell, but her daughter ran and caught her. — Wow, how much have I been looking for you, my brother didn’t tell me where you were for a long time, but I told him that I would give it to him and he said. With these words, they entered the building and sat on the sofa in the hall. They talked for a long time.

During the conversation, it turned out that he already had two grandchildren and now gratefully helps his daughter. Everyone lives together in a three-room apartment, the girl’s husband does not mind. He spends the whole day at work with his wife, and at home the children are not bored with their grandmother. Mrs. Anna now thanks the family every day, where she feels that someone needs her, she has forgotten those days like a bad dream. This article was prepared for publication by News415Media


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