Husky mom hid puppies in an abandoned house and shied away from people, protecting the kids

Husky mom hid puppies in an abandoned house and shied away from people, protecting the kids

We finally got to meet a husky girl who was begging for food from passers-by in the street. We named her Belochka.

The husky had definitely had a home and owners before, who had probably beaten or shouted at her. The girl was very frightened and shunned by people, so it was extremely difficult to catch her. The husky was entrusted to only one young woman, who managed to find the cubs, diligently hidden by their mother. Belochka had hidden her puppies in an abandoned house on the edge of town. There were seven little ones in that hiding place.

Judging by the size of the puppies, they are about 2 months old, but Belochka turned out to be an excellent mother as all the babies are well-nourished and healthy.

A local woman has agreed to feed the puppies and a friend of mine has helped with the food. In the near future, we plan to treat and vaccinate the puppies, and the necessary medicine has already been bought.

Three of the puppies have already found new homes. The puppies that got their mother’s looks were taken first, as they are immediately recognizable as Huskies.

The four remaining pups don’t look like their mother, most likely took after their father, his breed is unknown, but the pups are adorable. Of the four remaining, only one is a boy, the rest are girls. The boy was called Pooh, for he does look like a cartoon bear cub.

One of the girls looks like a sheepdog, albeit with a fur characteristic of a husky, she was named Night for her black muzzle with white cheeks.

Another well-fed and fluffy baby girl was named Bun.

The last girl resembles her brother, she is also plump and fluffy, and very quiet and affectionate, so she was named Spring.

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