These stars ‘photoshop’ their children to make them prettier

These stars ‘photoshop’ their children to make them prettier

Nowadays, it’s no surprise that celebrities (and ordinary people) use photo editors for social media. They change facial features, remove moles, blemishes, etc. But in their quest to appear better than they really are, some celebrities have gone further and started editing photos of their children to the max.

Let’s find out which of the stars likes to embellish the appearance of their kids with Photoshop.

Kim Kardashian

Surely no one doubted that the leader in retouching insta shots would be Kim Kardashian – the queen of selfies.

It’s hard to even count the number of times the insta-diva has been accused of using photoshop. But it’s not the fact that Kim is fixing her looks that’s embarrassing. It’s the fact that she’s retouching photos of her heirs. For example, a shot of Chicago and Stormi.

It seemed like no big deal. Only problem is, this very picture (besides Kim) was posted by Kylie Jenner, her younger sister. And that’s when fans were able to compare the two photos and saw that they were slightly different.

Many noted that in the picture Kim posted, baby Chicago’s forehead seems a little smaller and the shape of her head is also different. Users were perplexed as to why the celebrity was retouching her daughter’s face. However, the reality star herself did not respond to the criticism.

Kylie Jenner

Another sister in the Kardashian clan who loves to Photoshop on Instagram is Kylie. She embellishes her daughter’s face with all sorts of ‘masks’, bunny ears and cat ears. Although, this phenomenon can be explained. As the celebrity herself admitted, this way she shields her child from excessive attention.

Khloe Kardashian

But Kylie’s older sister Kylie has not limited herself to just animated gimmicks. She, like Kim, often uses Facetune to edit portraits of her daughter Tru.

She is said to have been caught in the act by her followers. And Chloe has over 80 million of them. The particularly observant immediately noticed that the celebrity had photoshopped her daughter’s cheeks, made the whites of her eyes lighter and removed some facial flaws. Fans were surprised by Khloe’s attitude to her daughter’s appearance. They thought that in this way the star is admitting that she is unhappy with her own child’s appearance.

Although the photo received millions of likes, the comments underneath it were very negative. Khloe did not respond to the criticism and simply limited the number of people who could comment on the photo.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

In addition to the Kardashian family, the mother of many children Kim Zolciak-Biermann was noticed in the application of filters. Recall that the country singer has six children.

One day, a picture of her 4-year-olds Kaya and Kane appeared in the artiste’s feed. At first glance, there’s nothing special about it. Just very cute and beautiful brother and sister. But in fact, the celebrity has edited the shot. Who would have thought, but she has enlarged her own daughter’s butt.

And Kim was exposed because of the same photo, but not the Photoshopped one that the singer’s eldest daughter Brielle posted on her page. That’s when the fans noticed that Kaya’s body was different in the two images.

However, this is not the first time the star has been caught using photoshop. For example, when she posted pictures of her two daughters (Ariana and Kaya) at the same age in her feed. Who can guess what Kim changed? She made Ariana’s lips look bigger.

Kim herself seems to have already forgotten how she posted the original picture two years earlier. So observant fans immediately noticed the difference.

The conclusion is obvious: celebrities will do anything for popularity and prestige. And they tell their children, quite bluntly, that they are not good enough for their mothers’ blogs. What is worrying is that in the pursuit of fame and “brand”, they do not think about the consequences of such reckless actions.

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