The girl asked the priest to come and pray to her dying father… the priest will never forget what he saw there…

The girl asked the priest to come and pray to her dying father… the priest will never forget what he saw there…

The girl went to church and asked the priest to come to their house and pray for the health of her bedridden father. When the priest entered the room, he saw a chair next to the man’s bed and thought that the old man knew about his arrival.

– Were you waiting for me? The priest asked.

– No, but who are you? – the patient replied.

– I’m a priest. Your daughter invited me to pray for your health. When I saw an empty chair, I thought that you knew about my visit and left it for me.

“Yes, the chair…,” the patient said, looking at the chair, and continued: “I haven’t told anyone about this.” Throughout my life, I often went to church, and they said that you need to pray, that you need to listen to the prayers of priests, that prayer warms a person’s heart. However, all the prayers went in one ear and out the other. Then I stopped praying. And only two years ago, a good friend of mine said that prayer is a conversation with God. He advised me to sit on a chair, put another chair next to it and imagine that Jesus was sitting on it.
Didn’t He say He was with us forever? And my friend advised me to start saying everything that bothers me and listen carefully, as I am listening to you now. I tried it, and I really liked it, I started talking like this for 2 hours a day. But I do it so that my daughter doesn’t see, because she might think I’m crazy.
The priest rejoiced for the patient, advised him not to stop talking to God, then prayed for him, blessed him and left. A few days later, the man’s daughter returned and said that her father had died.

– How did this happen?

– It was in the afternoon, at 2 o’clock. My father called me, kissed me, said he loved me very much. Then I went to the store, and when I came back, I found that he was no longer breathing. However, one thing seemed strange to me: in the last few minutes, in all likelihood, he gathered all his strength, got up from the pillow, went to the chair next to his bed, and laid his head on it. I saw him in the same position.

What do you think this could mean?

“May God give us all such a death,” the priest replied, wiping away tears.
The chair was not empty.

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